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Best car suspension with spring effect and very cool terrain generation.
  • Doesn't seem to run as well as Chrome, and physics are also a bit off.

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  • I have problems with the controls in Chrome, that's why I posted this.

    And Chrome seems not to allow playing games from folders.

  • As someone noted Aurora is simply an alpha of a future version of Firefox. Instead of using Aurora you can just simply wait for a couple of months, and Aurora will make its way to beta, then to stable release. Chrome and Firefox both have a process like this:

    Firefox: Nightly (3 versions ahead) -> Aurora (2 versions ahead) -> Beta (1 version ahead) -> Stable (current version everyone is using)

    Chrome: Nightly (3 versions ahead) -> Canary (2 versions ahead) -> Beta (1 version ahead) -> Stable (current version everyone is using)

    The further ahead you are the more likely you are to have stability problems and crashes, because it's pre-release software. However you can get to play with the bleeding edge features, and also sometimes they're faster. For example I was in touch with Mozilla recently and they've added a performance improvement that helps speed up Construct 2 games in Firefox 12 (currently Aurora). That's why it'll be faster - it should be about equal with Chrome. If you don't want to install Aurora, you can just wait for Firefox 12 to get released :)

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