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  • I came across this website and thought this could be very handy for the C2 community.

    Here is an explanation copy/pasted from their site:

    Test online on real devices

    Testdroid Cloud is the simplest way to test your application against various real Android devices � from different manufacturers, with different HW platforms, OS version and screen resolutions. Run your tests on devices from Testdroid Cloud

    See test result trends

    On Testdroid Cloud service every test run is saved for later analysis. You can browse test result trends and everyone in the whole organization can see the status of testing . Finally it is possible to easily follow application evolution over the time.

    View the screenshots

    You can view screenshots captured during the test playback with convenient user interface. The images from different devices are shown side-by-side so you can compare the application lay-outs on different devices.

    Logs and crash reports

    Check failed tests and exceptions as well as full logcats for deeper analysis.

    Testdroid Website

    Testdroid Beta Signup

  • I wish that I could do this for you, but I don't use an Android. However, I will talk to my friends and tell them about it. Hopefully that will get you some feedback...

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  • I've been testing this and am really happy about it, easy to know how the screen resolutions resizes your app/game.

    All apps are tested on individual devices, not emulators, so that's awesome.

    Working great and much cheaper to test our apps/games.

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