Anyone having trouble with XDK IPA Publishing?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been working with XDK for awhile and generally I like it. It offers a nice "app" interface that helps keep things straightforward, but it also is a platform in development while Construct 2 is also in constant development..

    As it stands I was first having trouble with the latest update working with Cranberry plugins. This I learned (thanks to the good support at XDK) that the projects default to 5.x Cordova.. so rolling a project back to 4.1.2 fixes this, but then i run into a general IPA issue that I can't figure out.

    My certificates should be solid, they worked with the same project in XDK not even a week ago and nothing has changed. Just wondering if anyone knows a solution to this as I have several games being held up from being published at this point which is pretty frustrating.



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