Anyone having luck with Cocoon IO? I'm liking it but...

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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been using Cocoon IO over the last week and found it VERY refreshing from the XDK/Cordova hell I was in.

    That said I've hit a few snags and wonder if anyone else has been able to use things like IAP with Cocoon IO?

    I have had some success with cordova plugins as well. I've seen just about everything work in one build or another except IAP.

    I could really use a Cocoon IO experienced person to team up with and try things. I can't help but feel like there are just little tricks.



  • Hey there,

    May I recommend posting to the Cocoon.IO forums? There are plenty of people there that could help you. Even though many people use Cocoon.IO to export there C2 games, most of them find the info they need over at the Cocoon.IO forums for it.

    Also, may I recommend these: ... lates-1879 ... ebook-1893

    I'm not advertising, those are NOT my products but I myself am thinking of purchasing them because having a guide like those could be pretty useful and the price of those two things aren't that bad at all.

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  • usman Haq thanks yea i've had some help there, but it seems to be a modest community at best so far. I'd love to see more people use it and get involved so we can share knowledge. I know we have some guys like ArcadEd who are advanced users who advocate it.

    So far the replies I have gotten are from a Cocoon IO developer (which is awesome, don't get me wrong) but yea I'd love to know that there are other actual developers who have published games that use all of the core features (to me) such as:

    • sharing
    • IAP
    • Banner ads
    • Rewarded Videos

    I'm happy to report I have seen all of these work for both iOS and Android except IAP.

    I'll check those products out. the price is certainly reasonable. I'll let you all know how useful the products are.



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