anyone ever use mosync?

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  • hey there forum after bumping into a bunch of performance isues with cocoonJs phonegap and appmobi for the game im developing looks like im gonna go native. After skimming through google for another implementation of an html5 binding i found mosync. Currently they have unlocked a way of useing opengles with javascript

    Here is a blog post about it


    is it possible to attach an exported html5 project to there opengles or will c2 need another export to handle this?

    you can find more about this on there site here:

    any ideas people?

  • NM, deleted old post. I only saw the codefession. I hope this is viable :)

    My concern is that it will require another layer on top to access the opengl es functionality. This I think will be required in the export.

    however if it is true that they are providing an OpenGL ES access for HTML5 pages and it's already a go. I personally would rather see this fully developed than CocoonJS. I just personally feel hat binding oneself to the provided webviewui of the system OS is the worst thing that could be done for mobile development. This is because neither google or apple seems all that inclined to open the doors for speed :(

  • If is possible to port/use the sdk in c2 that can be perfect

  • OMG...... oh WOW. geeeeeez.

    So I did a quick test to see how difficult it would be to use. WOW.

    1. It's brain dead easy to developer to setup the developer tools. I haven't tried the SDK for actual deployment yet.

    2. The results are so far looking fantastic. EXTREMLY positive.

    I entered the Ouya contest yesterday with a packaged phonegap app. it was near unplayable. the slowness caused collision issues and it was sorta chuggy. but it ran. I also ran it under cocoonjs and the performance was the pits. This is on an Acer A500 android tablet with a Tegra 2 chip

    I ran the same game under mosync reloid development.

    the game is a so much smoother. WAY smoother. It still had collision problems, but when I fix that in the game itself it won't even be noticed.

    This is by far the best package system I have used for performance.

    There is however one catch. It's all in portrait. so my landscape tests got crammed at the top. but this is the way to go. This is a win in regard to performance. I am looking forward to other peoples tests. my tablet thought the others were awful. it's liking this one :)

  • jayderyu


    you were able to get your game running in opnegl with mosync?

    how did you do that i downloaded the sdk and build environment there extreamly easy to use and send to device but couldn't see how to ind the code to there opengl.

    can you please post an example?

    also i agree i dont see why developers are using canvas2d rendering when theres opengl available

  • I tried it out a couple of minutes ago, and I'm not as exited as you are. It was easy to setup, but the performance of my game is worse than CocoonJS. And it seems like it doesn't support multitouch, which is an must for my game.

  • im sure for each game there will be different outcomes and rendering is going to be poor unless opengl is used im just not sore how i would go about it with c2 games as i have no access to any code during edit time

  • I tried it out a couple of minutes ago, and I'm not as exited as you are. It was easy to setup, but the performance of my game is worse than CocoonJS. And it seems like it doesn't support multitouch, which is an must for my game.

    That is indeed interesting and something that needs to be looked into. My Draoust only runs 5-10fps with CocoonJS and Phonegap. It was terrible. mosync worked really well. But I have to agree that multi touch is a required feature for most games. i will do some more testing. I want to see how it works with the webgl calls.

    I wonder if part of the problem isn't so much the device, but how it's being packed. The CocoonJS demo's are a hit or miss on my tablet. The Box2d works really well, but the sprite demo drops performance really fast. I've never had any of my games work well on CocoonJS. So there might be more happening.

  • Right now the WEBGL calls don't work. however since opengl es calls can be made from there js. It might only require a mapping overide of the webgl calls for there own opengl calls. hmm. might be able to create an insertable js file that handles that. I will look into this. Personally if we can get full opengl calls going I will be very happy :)

  • Hey jayderyu - how exactly do you get your games on there? Which export method etc.?

  • Just a plain HTML5 export. THen drag and dropped everything into the folder that the system makes.

  • I will try to experiment it, if is better or worse than appMobi/CocoonJS

  • Sorry for being daft, but can someone step-by-step this for me? I have gone through the instructions here:

    Then copied the HTML export into the created folder and Jayderyu said, but it still won't work. When I played it in the emulator it just ran the example app. Then, when I tried deleting the original files from that folder it came up with errors.

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  • Tobye In reload you get an error if you have any spaces in your project name. Have you tried removing them?

  • Nathan - I'm not even sure how to see the project name :S The project folder contains many files as it's the HTML export. Then in MoSync I can't see anything...I need instructions from the start it seems.

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