anyone ever use mosync?

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  • jayderyu

    Please, if you have been facing problems with CocoonJS we would like to help you. If we have missed your support requests, please, get in touch with us again. If the demos provided with the launcher do not work, it is definitively something we need to look into. Have you tried CocoonJS in any other android device?

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  • Tobye

    I could only get it working through "Reload", which was quit straight forward. Just make a project (with no spaces in the title) and throw in the files from a C2 HTML5 export.

    However, my project was much slower than a CocoonJS APK build, I didn't get any sound and it was stuck in portrait.

    To make a fair comparison with CocoonJS I wanted to make a proper APK through the MoSync SDK, but I couldn't work out how to do that either.

  • Nathan - Okay, thanks for that. The main thing I am after is controller support for Ouya.

  • Mosync is oriented for C/C++ programers, you can make C2 work with mosync but isn't straight forward.

    You can drop your C2 html5 build inside Project->LocalFiles but must keep the link with js/wormhole.js otherwise it wont work cause it needs the bridge.

    For make a release you need to set your device targets link your profiles (developer licences/profiles/keys etc), and you must have the toolset (sdk, ndk, etc) for each target device in order to make builds.

    You cant make a C2 html5 run with opengl just writing opengl=on, mosync give you a bridge, not a "port".

    So if those things are complex to you, keep the distribution options that C2 bring to you.

    Besides Mosyc Reload and Mosync SDK are 2 different things.

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