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  • When you need to type a sprite's animation name into the event editor for whatever reason, it can be misspelled(sometimes not noticed by the user and causing event(s) not to work) or if you've forgotten one of its names. You have to jump out of the event editor and to the layout page to click on the sprite(s) to view its animation(s) list to view all the animation names. You then have to navigate back into the event editor to type it in.

    So although a bit trivial it would be a nice addition and can speed things up by having an "animation name list" of the currently selected sprite to which you can just click&select to be inputted into your logic/coding etc

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  • One of the things that would be impacted by this would be logic that appends a variable value to an animation name... for example if I have 5 different jump animations (jumpWall, jumpDouble, jumpSuper, etc....) I may have different events that set my jumptype variable to Wall, Double or Super, I can then call Set Animation and set it to = "jump" + jumptype to get it to pick the correct animation for me. This is a common scenario for more complicated games that need context sensitive operations. So if the dropdown list (which I have also asked for in the past) were to be added it would need to still allow for us to enter our own data as well instead of forcing us to use the individual animation names.

  • Yes i understand your point, as i use this method for a sprite movement and agree, i did not mean it as a complete replacement but rather an optional choice.

    thanks for looking though :)

  • Yes, this is on our todo list.

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