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  • I read your news letter about the whole html5 vs flash debate, and got the impression that whilst still promoting constructs game making abilities in a big way, that you'd also like some of the banner ad, animation pie, and to market yourselves as a html5 alternative to adobe flash builder.

    So i was wondering if you had plans to make any editors in construct purely for animation, similar to these




    They'd have their uses in games as well for cut scene animations or other things.

    Seems pretty cool.

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  • Yeah agreed. A behavior/plugin that used tweening, timeline, path motion etc would be great for games as well as banners and the like.

  • Her's another example.... Ajax Animator.


    'A html5 powered web-based animation suite. Its original goal was to be a usable Flash IDE alternative, but has evolved into a cross-platform/cross-format animation tool. Works offline'

    Not tried it myself yet.

  • I agree with this, some kind of built in animation editor would be wonderful, even a simple one. I would rather use animations than create events to mimic animations.

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