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  • Does anyone know if it would be possible to create Android widgets using C2? Obviously it can't all be done through the editor itself, but I imagine the output could be edited to work as a widget instead of an app. I know very little about creating widgets so please bear with me.

    Basically I'm looking to develop a game and instead of having a simple icon you press to open the game, there will be an interactive widget that will communicate with the game data, show animated sprites of the main character, his stats (Health, etc.) and have a few buttons. Pressing one of these buttons will open a game featuring this character. That's the gist of it at least.

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  • Please keep in mind that Scirra is in fact a small company with just two staff members. You may not be able to run your widget like an actual android widget. Construct 2 does not yet have the capability to retrieve data from databases on the phone, nor run on the phone's main screen like a widget. Unfortunately, you will not be able to create your widget as of now, but you can prototype it until the technology comes out! Try looking at this link on how to create a twitter widget: for ideas.

  • not true. you can learn a little programming and with an android sdk you can do anything you want. construct is only a display+mechanics engine, game is wrapped into html page, which is then displayed as native app by phonegap. with android sdk and little programming knowledge you can create a widget with this html page. also as of now, construct (with android sdk help and some code) IS able to do every thing that phonegap plugins can do (bluetooth, sms functionalities, status bar notifications, etc.)

  • ranma I assumed that he was referring to doing this strictly with c2 events, not SDK, or this post would be in the SDK section.

  • im not talking about construct sdk :)

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