Android = Preloading not working right + low volume

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  • Hi,

    Whenever I load audio into any Construct 2 project and try to preload it via events, and then do a check to see if all audio has been preloaded, it won't work as expected on my one Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Core Plus).

    The audio preload check always passes as true, but as soon as the first sample plays the whole thing stops as the device starts downloading the sample(s?). In addition to this, the volume is always EXTREMELY low - probably 10% of what you'd expect - despite the fact that all audio sliders are set to max (and despite the fact that all other applications play back audio at satisfactory levels).

    Any ideas?

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  • Some Android handsets are so garbled that they play via the earpiece and not the speaker.. that may be your low volume.

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