Is Android multiplayer a no go?

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  • Hi!

    I am working out a new game at the moment.

    Since i am still in the draw board state i would like to know if creating multiplayer for Android is worth it.

    In other words, is multiplayer for Android a good option these days?

    I did read some articles but because of the update speed of Construct 2 i never know if anything out of 2014 is still relevant.

    Any suggestions, tips and information is welcome.

  • Chrome for Android does support WebRTC so using the Multiplayer Plugin should work fine.

  • We (I and some other friends) built a multiplayer platform-shooter a while ago. OFC it was 24h challenge and therefore quite messy, the multiplayer itself worked. Problem was that phone connections are usually not up to bar and syncing all animations and positions can be tricky. I suggest more simpler approach or turn-based game.

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  • Alright guys thanks for the info!

    A challenge is not really a problem but i just wanted to be sure that i would not start trying to create something that couldn't be done.


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