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  • We are trying to export a project made on construct 2 to Android. But in result we get a index.html and the resources to game work, as javascript or css. This software cannot compile a .apk?

    we tryed to use IBM Worklight, but it doesn't work either.

  • You need to use a wrapper. CocoonJS, Crosswalk, Phonegap to name a few.

  • *Edit: whoops, too slow.

    Check the "How to export to Android with Crosswalk"-Tutorial.

    Construct2 itself does not create APKs. You have to use the Intel XDK for that (using the Crosswalk option in the aforementioned tutorial) or use Cocoonjs.

  • I think Scrirra shouldn't have tagged the Crosswalk export as "Android" (as Cocoonjs export is called "CocoonJS" indeed) This can lead to some confusion.

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  • vitorfgd You really need to take some time to read the manual and do some tutorials. Also searching on the forums would have given you a few hundred answers as well.

  • I think C2 should follow mrchay path on getting C2 to create the APK. mrchay managed a 20mb tool that will compile the project to APK. Works similar in concept to how NodeWebkit does it.

    All that would be required for compile to Android rather than Crosswalk. Would be that the developer has Java Runtime Environment installed.

    mrchay easy APK builder

    You can't use this practically right now as there are problems. There is no manifest modifcation, wrong icon is used, and C2 audio is not working(crashed out). But it's a 2 step process.

    1. Copy all files into the HTML5 folder.

    2. Double click go.bat

    Boom you have a signed APK

    If C2 offered this where you can have manifest options, use the current icons and compile. I think it could then officially 100% no doubt offer Android compile. At this time I do however agree that the compile should be called Crosswalk.

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