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  • I've been wracking my brain trying to get analytics to work with C2

    I've tried suntemple's google analytics plugin ,


    along with the tutorials on the subject in the tutorials section. ... -your-apps

    The furthest i can get is for google analytics to register that someone is currently on the site. And it will track the event that i made ONLY if its the very first one to be sent (on start of layout).

    But other then that i cant for the life of me get any further events to show up in google analytics.

    Has anyone had any luck getting google analytics working properly in C2?


  • What are you trying to track? If you want analytics of the gameplay, then you should build up your own system (using events) and send the data to an SQL database.

  • with only being able to track the first event, could you do "every x seconds" instead of "on start of layout" ???

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  • Ok so i think i figured out "part" of the issue at least.

    Still cant get the plugin to work, but using the tutorial method to manually inject the google tracking code. I found out that was i putting it in the wrong location of the html file. it should be in between the <body> </body> area, not in the <head> where i had accidentally put it.

    The next issue though, is that it seems to work on my computer, and on my android phone, but on my iphone, it registers that theres a user, but the buttons dont send events.


    edit: Ok, it seems like on the iphone it will only register with "On touched" commands instead of the mouse "on object clicked" command i had before. However android/pc worked with either.

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