Amazon Kindle Fire not yet regarded as mobile device?

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  • Hello all, while I am trying to submit my game for FGL mobile plat, I encountered a problem with Kindle Fire.

    The problem is the orientation detector doesn't trigger the event.

    After a series of test, I suspect it is because Kindle Fire has not yet regarded as "mobile device" so the system condition "Is on mobile device" return false.

    With this problem, it become impossible to differ desktop with Kindle Fire. What OK in desktop (and other mobile device) would break KF, and vice versa.

    Thank you very much.

  • Use the browser object, Request fullscreen, lock orientation... easy

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  • I've updated the next build to detect Kindles as mobile devices, but what do you mean by "orientation detector"?

  • That's interesting. I'm having touch issues. Though that could be code on my part.

    If you having troubles doing device detection there are different ways. As an example you can do a search on the browser type for "silk". Which Silk is the modified browser for Kindle devices. There are other ways than just "isMobile"

  • Ashley

    Can you please check the tilt (Touch ->Gamma Orientation) my game that uses tilt are not working on Kindle Fire.


  • tumira - we use a standards-compliant way to retrieve those values. If it doesn't work, either the device does not have the necessary hardware, or the browser is missing the feature. Either way it's Amazon's responsibility.

  • Ashley

    Thank you for the info.


    FGL now wants us to disable the device orientation checking. They will implement it on their side.

  • BluePhaze Thanks for suggestion. But, it didn't work

    Ashley Thanks a lot! The orientation detection is for requirement for FGL HTML5 program. Before, they require the game to stay portrait or stay landscape. When the game is on wrong orientation, stop the game and put out message to player.

    About the orientation detector, I use browser condition:

    +is on mobile device

    "on landscape" -> show message.

    It works well on iOS and Android, but it never triggered on Kindle Fire.

    Fortunately, they remove that requirement so the game is OK as long as it keep the aspect ratio using letterbox scale

    Thanks! Are you referring to Browser.Product? Worth try.

    tumira Yeah, I also just aware of that. Good news.

  • I'm still not sure what you mean. Construct 2 doesn't have any built-in orientation checking. There is no "On landscape" trigger. There is an "Is portrait" condition in the Browser object, but it just checks if the screen width is narrower than the height, which should work on any device.

  • Ashley Yes, I mean "Is Landscape" and "Is Portrait". I also aware that it just check WindowHeight and WindowWidth.

    The problem is I tried to differentiate mobile device (which will show message if on landscape mode) and desktop (which will not show message, because it will always on "landscape mode").

    WIthout the ability to tell KindleFire is also a mobile device, the problem appeared because what showed on KF is the desktop version.

  • Don't use is on mobile, just check for portrait or landscape... if PC's are always on Landscape then they won't trigger the on portrait event anyway right... so no need to test for mobile...

  • BluePhaze The reason I put "is on mobile" is because I made the game stop when "is landscape". Without the "mobile" condition the game would be unplayable on desktop.

    The requirement was: the game should support both orientations with out letterbox scale (no black bars), or support ONLY one.

    Thank God, the requirement was removed.

  • Awesome! Glad to hear they removed that... I have my game set to request full screen, then if portrait it pauses and shows an image that says to rotate the screen. Hopefully that is enough.

  • You can still get around "isMobile"

    Require the player to touch the screen to continue. Best do this on a screen that's black with an image that can look good in both orientations.

    Determine if the input was Mouse or Touch. I do this by getting making sure Mouse is at the Top. Mouse will fire a Touch event, but a Touch event won't fire a Mouse event. So on MouseClick store the type of input recieved.

    If it's a Mouse your on PC

    If it's Touch your on mobile

    isMobile will always be better, but there are work arounds until the device is registered as such

  • That's pretty smart! Thanks for sharing.

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