Amazon Kindle Fire not yet regarded as mobile device?

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  • oh also. If you don't want to sort that out and you just want to handle a specific browser such as Kindle. You can do

    Compare Two Values

    find( Browser.userAgent, "Silk")



    If it's on the kindle that will work as mobile. Then you can do




  • I created a simple countdown-app and I submitted it to Amazon but it got rejected twice because it does not run on Kindle (old and new devices). They said: "Upon launch, the app force closes, crashes, or displays only a blank screen." Its really just a few text objects, a few static sprites and simple math which should run on almost any 10 year old calculator. :-/

    I dont have a Kindle to test it so its hard to say why it does not work.

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  • Bl4ckSh33p

    How are you running the app?

    Are you running a non official app. I find an overlooked non Scirra plugin is the cause many times.

    I have a Fire. I can take a look if you want.

  • Its running as mobile app in the browser (on iOS/Android) (not packaged). I assumed this would work on Kindle, too.

    I used only one plugin to get system date/time ().

    The app is hosted on but not approved, yet (and costs 0.99$). But I can upload it on my server so you can test it.

    Does it have to be in a special (export)format to run on Kindle?

    I can send you a private message with the URL and login details.

  • I'm not at home. But later tonight. However if your hosting on are you using the plugin? the plugin is not a Scirra plugin. Also uses additional web frames that maybe causing problem. But I can check tonight. the PM is fine

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