Admob Intel XDK vs Cocoonjs

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  • Hi, i tested admob in Intel XDK and its works well but lags so much when the ad is loading. I don´t tested Admob in Cocoonjs somebody can told me if its better.

  • Using the ATP Ads plugin in canvas+, ads still crater my framerate by about half. But my device is relatively weak, so you probably won't notice this on all devices.

    Even in my case...half of 60fps in C+ is still 30fps, and 30fps is a lot smoother than it would be in crosswalk.

  • We didn't notice that descent of the FPS you mention. Can you please provide a test case?

  • PM'd you, but I also edited my comment above since it was a little overarching. I'm developing on a low-mid end phone where I don't find this perf cost particularly surprising, unless ads are supposed to have no perf cost at all.

    If you want to do anything to Ads, work on adding a 'test mode' option so we don't have to worry about clicking on our own ads during development and getting in trouble.

  • ludei Well, im trying Intel XDK, CocoonJS and Cocoon.IO, the last one is awesome, is which more fps have, but using CocoonJS and Cocoon.IO in my game show a strange black lines, i will record it to show here. I don´t know how to solve because in Intel XDK i don´t have this problem.

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  • My ads in cocoonJS dont work at all? nothing shows? could it be that I'm using C2 version 178?

  • TiAm any ideas why this might be? sorry for replying to an old post

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