which Ad for Cocoonjs iOS?

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  • i've never implement ads for my game before, and would like to try free game with ads for my next game.

    whats the best way to implement ad for cocoonjs complied ios game today? i've read many threads, most of them are dated, and they make me confused <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    from what i've read, the most common way is AdMob + MoPub? and recently theres Leadbot? but i'm not sure the new leadbot plugin works on cocoonjs or its for phonegap only?

    please share your experience, thanks! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • If you are going iOS and it's not a kids app, I would recommend using mopub + iAds.

    Ludei explains it on their wiki. Scroll down until you see the iAds section.


  • ArcadEd thanks for reply! so iAd is not suitable for kids app? my next game will be super simple game, probably many kids would play, but not educational.

  • hollowthreat

    app for kids <13 should have 'parental gate' for external links, including (I guess) ads too. So I guess - you can put ads for kids app, but you have to give possibility to "block" them via parental gate, lol. (as far as I understand this stupid policy)

  • Apple does not even allow iAds on games that are labeled for kids. You can put them on, but after a few days they will stop serving ads. I know this from experience :).

    This happened before the parental gate thing, so maybe you can do it now. I don't know.

  • You can't even put link to your other apps (like "More apps" button) if your app is for <13 years old kids and don't have Parental Gate, lol :)

  • szymek ArcadEd thanks guys! didnt know such restriction by apple, dont think i'll set it as for <13, its not really designed specific for kids anyway :)

  • i used Admob + iAd with MoPub and am pretty happy with that set up

  • Just a random question here (@russpuppy, ArcadEd, szymek) if you set multiple ad networks in mopub, do you have to do anything different in your logic or will it just pull from them randomly?

  • I believe it pulls randomly, but you can set a priority in mopub if I am not mistaken.

    I haven't really tried, I prefer to keep all my ads revenue with one place, even if it pays a little less.

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  • ArcadEd i'm trying to add iad+mopub to my next app. i've enabled iap network from itunes connect.

    stuck on mopub, i've added iAd network, and kind of added my app, its a new app i'm still developing, not yet published, so i gave mopub the name and itunes url(taken from itunes connect, app links'view in app store'), of course this url isn't live until app reviewed and published.

    and reading from cocoonjs's document, scroll down to iAd, in mopub "In the Enabled checkbox set the checkbox as checked."

    which i cant find any enabled checkbox, what have i done wrong or missing here?

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