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  • When well i know that i make $5000 just in case i am NOT KEEPING TRACK on my earnings off a app?

    Do scirra send you a notification state that you reach limit $5000 to purchase business?

    hoping to get a personal license this week

  • As far as I'm aware, it's your job to keep track of how much you earn and when you need to upgrade. Tom or Ashley could provide more clarification on this.

  • so far that is the only thing i cant understand how that work as i don't want to get in any trouble if i pass the $5000 limit without realizing or forget

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  • The IRS (or whatever the tax collection agency in your country is called) is usually quite interested in every penny that someone makes And since you have to keep records for your tax declaration anyways.. should not be too much of a problem.

  • It's your responsibility to keep track, and you should be anyway for tax/income reasons! As soon as you pass the threshold, you should upgrade.

  • You might reach 5,000 without realizing it? Haha oops! It would make sense that there's some reasonable amount of time there for you to upgrade somewhere past the 5k of profit mark.

  • smh all the million of people in the thats forget to paid there bills... well i think i am the only idiot in the world... note not all country tax collect the same way... if i am going to get stupid answer forget i ask...

    post scirra phone number so i can call them

  • However you make money with your apps, be it AdMob, Steam, Google Play, there are always records of the sales. So you can check how much money you made and act accordingly.

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