[EFFECTS] - GS #11, 12, 13 (Normal Mapping, Plasma, Voronoi)

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  • As you know, we have released shader effects #11 - Normal Mapping, #12 - Plasma, and #13 - Voronoi. Because, of concerns with using Patreon, I have decided to return to the conventional approach of sharing my shader effects with the Scirra 2 Community.

    You can therefore now download the shader effects + accompanying demo file from here:

    If you like what I have done so far, please support me on my Patreon page (you can download the same files there). I also welcome any donations sent my way (care of my website).

    One last thing to note - From shader #11 onwards, please abide by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Explanations can be found by following the link.

    Thank you for the interest in my shader effects. Enjoy!

    Gavin GamesWarp Studio

  • Thanks very much

  • very cool man, very cool.. 8)

  • More to come when time permits... atm busy with a UDK project. Thanks.

  • Normal mapping looks very good but how implement this 'light' to other objects? like lasers flying on top of ship should cast light

    I receive weird effects trying this


  • IIRC, the NormalMapping effect is fixed to one light source. So, use it for your super duper important laser weapon.

    Set Effect "NormalMapping" parameter 0 to the X position of your laser X coordinate

    Set Effect "NormalMapping" parameter 1 to the Y position of your laser Y coordinate*

    See the Demo CAPX and refer to line 1 of Event Sheet 2.

    Caveat: You need to use "LayoutHeight - Y coordinate" for Y-axis. I believe there is a reverse Y axis issue which was not addressed in the Scirra code. And it currently gets wonky when you change screen resolution, so look out.

  • Anyone have a direct download link? All of the "Magic" on the "patrons page" makes my browser crash.

    All I can seem to actually download is the plasma effect.


  • Just click on the bulleted links in the first posting of this thread.

  • I love you necro

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  • More to come when time permits... atm busy with a UDK project. Thanks.

    Sorry if is an old post but, are you planning to fix the Normal Map errors or is the effect developing abandoned and no more updates are to come?

    I see other Normal Map like the Official Bumping and the Pode one() but you need to create another sprite with the info to do it :S .

    I like your effect because have Normal Map and Specular and is automatic and all in one, no other image needed overlaping the original to do the effect, but there are errors when you try to put various tiles using the Flag=1( Beam of light), there is a light on each end/start of the tile that ruins the great effect. Also will be great if there is an option to include your Normal Map and Specular texture in the options or in any animation frame of the sprite or similar. Change the light color from white to any RGB value,etc...

  • Con Normal Mapping be converted for C3?

  • Not too sure. Haven't decided to defect to C3, yet.

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