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  • Let's stay with Construct2 until 1/1/2021.

    This fx still old but not sure if it's released or not.

    Display gradient or not adjustable gradient color starting in right/middle/left and then apply gradient map to texture.

    If you are interested please look the demo here ;


    and download fx here : http://gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/C2/FX/xcmap.rar


  • I'm really impressed that you're still churning these out for C2 even now. You made so many I'm not sure I'll ever find a use for all of them (and maybe I shouldn't be trying haha), but I am quite a sucker for pretty FX so I'm grateful for the effort. Thanks!

  • hello sorry for the inconvenience, with your effects you have made me go back in time, I would like to have a couple of them maybe you have never shared them or at least I do not find the links, another one does not work anymore the link, now I list them to you and tell me what you can do thanks in advance




    gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/C2/FX/pyramid only the pyramid so as not to always have cubes or spheres

    gigatron3k.free.fr/html5/C2/FX/osdm2 the circular text is fabulous complimeti for the idea and its realization

    let me know which you can condicire, I could also give you something if the problem was this certain the times are what they are you let me know hello this is my ally email alleato200trk@gmail.com

  • Hi this fx

    -- construct.net/en/forum/extending-construct-2/effects-31/effect-deformglsl-112384

    is not converted from me ; but if you can find it on shadertoy i can

    quickly convert to Construct2

    --- twister fx never released ;

    --- Menubar not found ;

    --- Pyramid fx i can found it ;

    --- text Rotating is not fx but plugin

    So tell me the first the fx you want maybe i can help you;

    i have over 500 fx for C2 and it's hard to find them..



  • you're right it's not your name i'm wrong, effect or plauin is csrino i wouldn't mind having it, as for shadertoy i didn't find that but i saw some nice one how can we organize?

  • Try to find the fx with deform tag;


  • spectrum efekt png frame please size=855,164 amplutite=3 spectrum png plase...

  • I searched, I didn't find one, I found other interesting ones, including a couple of twister and other 2d fugures that transform, the circular text even if it is a plagin could interest me, how can we organize ourselves, I read on the forum that you have a shader converter, but it doesn't matter to me how you do it, I need some new effects, I want to try to do a musik-disk with my favorite songs and for each song I wanted to put an effect on it, me I need a few I have not counted, but it all depends on you, I thank you for your availability and the speed with which you answer me is not for everyone, I congratulate you again, because you have to plan seriously, I have to be satisfied to use the effects of others but I'm fine with it.

  • Here the fx list i've converted or made;


    I will make rotating text for you and explain how use ... probably next week and contact you after;


  • ok thank you I wait for your news, I already know your list is thanks to what I came up with to do this thing, I need more 3D objects like demo amiga or scrolling texts some effect of the list I already intend to use it , I repeat myself I can also give you something for every converted effect, but I won't ask you anymore you know how to behave the email I left it in the first post I wrote to you, anyway thanks I'm happy with anything you give me (flowing text, nice this I will use for sure artist name and song in progress, I already taste it, hello geazie still everything and see you soon

  • Gabibbo

    Hi the email adress you write not working ...


  • > Gabibbo


    > Hi the email adress you write not working ...


    > Regards


    if that gmail still doesn't work try this: aleato100xtg@virgilio.it

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  • > > Gabibbo

    > >

    > > Hi the email adress you write not working ...

    > >

    > > Regards


    > alleato200xtg@gmail.com

    if that gmail still doesn't work try this: aleato100gll@virgilio.it

    This one not working too /// but here is the link of the plugin ;


    Have Fun

  • ok thanks very kind and very good

  • I can't change fonts, it works very well with yours if I try any of those that I have, even by setting the dimensions they don't work, maybe they should be only 32x32?

    I have several accounts. I entered with this excuse. I realized now that even the multi line does not work, but it is not essential for what I have to do, fonts interest me more.

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