[Effect] : 2D Dynamic Lighting

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  • Decided to try this plugin out, so I grabbed an X sprite and made a normal map for it.

    Arrow Keys: move X

    Click and drag the yellow swuare to move the lightsource.


    I'm now wondering how to go about working with more than one lightsource.

  • This is really fantastic and deserves more attention/notice. Coming from 3D game making, I'm very excited to see this. One thing I have hoped with the addition of shader effects is the ability to do "2.5D" games where everything other than particle effects would have normal maps. I've tried this with some high def realistic textures and normal maps made in Filter Forge and it looks really good.

    I'm assuming if you added all your objects to a family, put dynamic lighting effect on that family, you could achieve this without having to set the vectors for each object?

    It would be a cool enough effect to just have the light follow the camera while placing the center at the edge of the screen in whatever direction/angle the user was moving. Additional lights could be added by creating additional "center" objects that would really function as the lights' directionality. However, I'm not sure how you would account for multiple light sources on a single object. Some interpolation between light sources would have to impact the effect vectors.

    Is there a way to add a "falloff" where if an object or part of an object is a certain distance from a light source it would grow progressively dark? Right now it appears that the light projects out into infinity in whatever direction it is pointing. Though I am just making a lot of guesses based on 30 minute of playing around.

    Anyway, this is a huge step in the right direction!

  • inkBot srealist : I'm planning to add the "shadow" part when I have the time, and combine it with multiple light sources.

  • Seems incredible!

    I can't wait to see more features. Keep up the great work!

  • the only thing painful to this great work. Is that it's not on mobile :( boo no webgl on mobile ;(

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  • Nice job, Pode! I missed this when you first posted it.

  • I really hope this gets updated, it's brilliant.

  • This is really fantastic. Congratulations for your work!

  • This is my first post. This is a great and much needed effect! Can't wait for the drop shadows ;) Keep up the great work.

  • That looks really impressive, this will certainly be a nice addition.

    But it looks like the link is dead...

  • gorgonzola3000 : I just checked all the links, everything is allright.

  • Oh my bad, there was probably a problem with my connection...

    Anyway, I had the chance to test it. very cool !

    Will it possible to add several type of lights, like point lights ?

  • gorgonzola3000 : yeah, it's going to be possible. I'm just waiting news from Matt Greer and a bit of time liberty from my day job <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

  • Could one use a gradiated normals map? For round items like a sphere.

  • viking78 : yes, with a painting program, you can make something like that.

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