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  • Hello nice people;

    I would like to share a tool with you. I have some errors when i would like to convert

    C2 shaders to C3, so i ve relearned delphi pascal quickly and coded this tool in 2 days..

    The goal is converting Shadertoy shaders to C2 and then C2 shaders to C3.

    There are many issues , be patient and test it... feedback are welcome especially virus warnings.

    The future version of this tool will be

    under this post... (must rewrite some part of the code for better word detection.)

    Download link...

    V0.0.9; some complex shader conversion attempt ;


    Have fun

  • Starting up good on my windows7 x64 system. Thanks for this powertool. Will test carefully with some shadertoy shaders.

    Thanks for sharing all your FXs and tools!

    p.s.: Nice tune in the About box.

  • Nice start, Gigatron.

    Just tried a quick one from Shadertoy, but C2 throws an error on launch when trying to load the generated xml - ..fx file must presumably be ok

    How do you want us to test it for you? What info do you want back?

  • totoe


    Thank you for testing.. just to know an error like you said .. error on xml file ; i will fix that ;

    Really thanx ; this issue was fixed now;

  • Can confirm error on C2 launch is gone. Sweet.

  • Awesome!

  • Looks promising. Quick check if the C2 to C3 functionality works (can't load/convert *.fx file on the C2 to C3 fx tab.)

    I did a couple conversions, I'm finding it tricky to find shadertoys that work in C2, got one working ok (mandlebrot). Any guidance on which shadertoys shaders will work well (I am assuming no multi-pass, simpler to not use iChannel textures.)

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  • can you add effect like mesh.mesh can help us make smile speak animation so easy .we don.t need anima2d on u3d. Sprite plugin is most used in c2 ' if add mesh for it. all c2 game can make new animation for their Sprite

  • Shader toolbox status;

    shadertoy to C2 shader 95% done;

    C2 to c3 60 % done ;

    Please be patient ///

  • Gigatron - thanks for the update, will be patient.

  • Gigatron son I am already patient recovering from computer virus call Construct 2

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