Video issues: compare playbacktime and On export

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  • Problem Description

    Bug 1: Compare Video playbacktime sometimes does not work.

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    First Layout: Menu with Start Button. On clicked, go to Video Layout.

    Video Layout: If video ends, go to Menu Layout. If video playbacktime > 1 set playbacktime to 0. In other words, a loop that never ends.

    Video was encoded with XMedia Recode with the following settings:

    Video Only, Bitrate 1500, Reference frames Max and Min to 1, centered type.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1: Run Menu Layout
    • Step 2: Press Start Test Button Observed Result First time, video plays normally and ends. Expected Result Video Layout should never ends, as intentionally create a loop between second 0 and second 1 on the video. Affected Browsers
      • Chrome: YES

    Operating System and Service Pack

    W8 x64

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • I can't reproduce the looping issue in Firefox. Can you? It looks like a Chrome specific issue.

    After exporting you must have the right server MIME types or video will fail to load. Can you provide a link to an exported project using video to verify?

  • Tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE (with mp4 file). Only Chrome seems to have this issue. Deleting the exporting problem, right now can't reproduce it anymore.

  • So I think this is a Chrome bug but I found a workaround for the next build, so hopefully that fixes it.

  • Great!

    This may be or may be not a bug, depending on what "On Can play" means.

    My guess is than "On Can Play" is fired when video is ready to play, on first play or when you set a playback time.

    (Edit: Deleted Bug description as it is not a Bug, as Ashley explains below.)

  • No, "On can play" means it has downloaded enough data to play at least a couple of frames, so I'd expect it only fires once per video. Anyway, all the playback events are whatever is fired by the browser and Construct 2 is not involved, so we could not change it either way.

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  • This is great, thanks for the video bugs capx.. that helped me get really far with a test project

    I set up the mimes as documented and the game runs fine local.. even before the mines I had some working roughs working before this version.. but the clip were maybe about 1/3 the size. Here is an example of one that's working this one never gave me any trouble.. the other

    So how do "preload" video? I know I can do a preload and preload complete with the audio object.. is there something similar for video? I would just want to be sure that the player cannot proceed until the video(s) are done downloading..



  • So doing a little more testing.. I realize it was something else.. i had my videos in the first version lower case.. the newer version videos were capitalized.. when i made the newer videos lower case.. removed the old ones and re-imported them as lower case versions they worked.. so there you have it.. heh.



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