Unable to launch Node-Webkit for preview

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Unfortunately I can't provide a capx as it happens only occasionally and it's not capx specific.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Set 'preview browser' to 'Node-Webkit'

    Observed result:

    <img src="http://gyazo.com/ae695707189974a554e0a77ca7e3b276.png" border="0" />

    Expected result:

    Node-webkit preview should run.

    I've looked in the background processes for nw processes but I don't see anything. The only way to get around this problem is to reinstall C2 after a restart. Restarting the computer without reinstalling C2 doesn't work.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: N/A

    Firefox: N/A

    Internet Explorer: N/A

    Operating system & service pack:

    Win7 64bit

    Construct 2 version:


  • Starts showing for me as well just now. There were no problems since r139 showed up until 5 minutes ago. Now it's everytime when I press preview.

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  • I tried to run a game about 20 times in a row through node-webkit in preview and it launches fine for me.

    I'm using C2 in Admin mode tho, maybe that helps somehow?

  • Like I said I had no problems for last 10 days. It started suddenly few hours ago (before that I was using nodewebkit preview all the time). Since then it's permanent for every opened/created project.

    At first when it happened I was exporting my project to exe and my antivirus soft gave me a popup notification about "potentially dangerous file" and delete exe from exported folder. It was kind of strange but i've added C2 folder and folder for export to exclusions and then exported my project without any problems. And since then node webkit don't work for me at all. Got same window like sqiddster on preview, and no exe file after export - even while antivirus soft is completely turned off.

    sqiddster does it work fine for you after exporting?

  • Are you two sure your Antivirus programs don't just delete some C2 files or block the preview app upon launching Node-Webkit?

    Try to disable them and run C2 as Admin?

    I'm still pumping the Preview button and still runs perfectly every single time.

  • shinkan nope. After exporting, the entire project.exe is gone.

    Xionor I very much doubt that disabling antivirus will fix it. Running as administrator didn't fix it.

    Due to the fact that export also doesn't work, and reinstalling fixes it, my theory is that some important node-webkit files have gone missing or been deleted.

  • Exactly sqiddster. Which is why I asked about the antivirus.

    The Antivirus is only thing that should have the power to delete or remove files on the go.

  • Xionor OK, I'll try it. However I've always had this same antivirus and it would be worrying if it just deleted a critical C2 file.

    (Plus, it's a much bigger possibility that it's just a bug in C2)

  • antivirus flagged and deleted only the exported *.exe file. So there must be something with C2 or nodewebkit itself.

    sqiddster, right. So we must be doing something to trigger this, bug?

  • I hope Ashley can give a better answer.

    It's just that we're on our own until he comes back after the weekend!

    Sorry if my suggestions seem silly, but seeing as this error doesn't trigger on my machine it must be PC-specific, right?

    Tho of course, it might as well be a bug. Only Ashley knows how the Node-Webkit preview launcher works.

    If I were you I'd try to pinpoint the issue - Make the Construct folder read only, see if any files are disappearing after the error appears by checking the number of files in the folder, etc.

  • Xionor I don't quite have the know-how to do all that. I'll definitely reinstall C2 and if I encounter the issue again, remember everything that happened leading up to it.

  • It might be related to this thread: http://www.scirra.com/forum/bitdefender-node-webkit-export-problem-in-r136_topic70230.html?KW=

    My antivirus was flagging exported exes as a false positive. Roger Wang, the developer of node webkit, is going to implement a method for creating exes that should solve the problem in version 0.7.

    Edit: actually, it appears to have been implemented already in v6.2, and they're currently on 6.3. Ashley, has the new version been implemented in C2 yet?

  • I've hit another problem. I'm trying to run a Node-webkit game that someone's sent me, but every time I unzip it, the game.exe file disappears.

    Turning off my anti-virus seemed to fix this, but I can't be sure.

  • I've downloaded v0.6.3 of node-webkit from the GirHub, replaced all the files in C2 node-webkit folder and everything back to normal. Even my antivirus stop flagging and deleting exported files - without turning it off.

    Preview, export and running someone else's files.

  • OK, so that implies that it will all be fixed in the next build (presuming Node-Webkit updates in the next build, of course)

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