Unable to launch Node-Webkit for preview

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  • Reinstalled c2 with antivirus turned off. Works fine.

  • Confirmation that the version of Node-Webkit in the C2 installer flags as a false-positive with my own antivirus (I would assume this is the same for others too, maybe an update to antivirus databases now makes it flag for others?)

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/M8qYr7m.png" border="0" />

  • I use Avast! also. Maybe it only happens with specific antivirus programs?

  • Avast! here as well.

  • shinkan Wrangler we may have just found our culprit ;)

  • OHHHHHHHHHH, you see I made this auto updater in C2, but everytime it downloaded, the .exe would be missing! Now I know why it never showed up.

    And I didn't have any problems previewing until yesterday..

    Though I hope this gets fixed soon, because I can't properly test my game until then :/

  • Closing as an antivirus issue. I'm assuming the AV is removing the EXE files as a false positive.

    The node-webkit preview mode launches <install path>exporters\html5\node-webkit\win32\nw.exe. If there is still an error in preview, check that file still exists. If it is missing, reinstall Construct 2 with AV temporarily disabled.

    You may also need to temporarily disable AV when exporting your project. We need to do this when building Construct 2 itself, since antivirus sometimes tries to check EXE files half-way through the write to disk, which breaks the write to disk, and makes the file corrupt or missing. I'm not sure what we can do about this since it's a simple file copy, and we already work around it ourselves by disabling the antivirus temporarily, so I guess that's the thing to do.

    To reduce the chance your end-user's antivirus flags your published game, digitally sign the .EXE file (another thing we do with C2).

  • Ashley - wasn't the new method of exporting you asked to be implemented in node webkit supposed to fix this problem? It's been implemented in node webkit 6.2, did it still cause antivirus issues?

  • Ashley the antivirus will delete the .exe not only when exporting, but when previewing. it's not really reasonable to have the antivirus disabled whenever C2 is running. Is there a way to tell the antivirus to stay out of a specific area?

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  • sqiddster

    I use Kaspersky AV, and it allows for individual application control, so I can tell it not to scan C2 or any child process. You should check the documentation for whatever AV you currently use.

  • The old method of exporting appended binary data to the end of EXE files, which was suspicious to some AV software. Now it always exports the same single EXE file (the plain, unmodified version of node-webkit) and uses a separate data file. That has resolved some false positives, but if some AV software thinks the plain old EXE file with nothing extra added is suspicious, there's really not much we can do about it. We can't digitally sign the file, because we don't want our digital signature to be used for other people's games. You could try signing it yourself, or disable AV, or find a way to whitelist the file, and I'd also report the problem to your AV vendor since node-webkit is not malicious software.

    It's possible future node-webkit updates will resolve the issue, basically by chance (the binary data in the EXE is more or less random, and must be by chance matching the signature of a virus). However it doesn't mean it won't come back in future updates.

  • Ashley states at the top of this thread section for people not to reply to closed bug reports, especially those well over a year old.

    If you have an issue, you should post a new bug report following all the bug reporting guidelines.

    BTW have you installed the latest separate node-webkit installation from here?


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