Text fields are blacked out

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Demo file

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Project

    2. Export to Windows 8.1

    3. Open Visual Studios 2013 RTM and make the change in the Packaging tab (Add cert)

    4. Run the solution

    Observed result: Text fields are blacked out.

    See screenshot:

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/42533148/screenshot_10212013_152513.png" border="0">

    Expected result: See the text in the text

    Browsers affected: Just ran in Visual Studios 2013

    Chrome: yes/no

    Firefox: yes/no

    Internet Explorer: yes/no

    Operating system & service pack: Windows 8.1

    Construct 2 version: both in r147 and r148

  • Are you using web fonts? And are you testing local or remote? I see this in remote testing on machines...

  • Hi,

    I am using Arial regular 24 font. Its locally tested. It works in r147 until I updated to Visual Studios 2013 RTM. I had no problem in the RC. It happens on other two projects.

    John L

  • Okay, I tested it on a non used laptop, and the text came out correctly. Must be something wrong with Visual Studios on my main production PC. Joining to reinstall VS 2013 see of that correct the problem.


  • I am seeing the same issue on Windows 8.1/IE 11. Also a laptop, but with newest driver (10/17/13). Construct build r148. I have VS 2013 Express installed, but I see the issue when running the layout from Construct.

    CAPX: sdrv.ms/1a3uXud

    <img src="https://xbxtda.dm2301.livefilestore.com/y2pN6D3VI6xNQbCOsQTKtnFnGdjK_43eRsqMa8ODEsh4GGc2b0Sf61_vLPLsVe6XYYZ4ToXgbCN4pETfpUP1yXLgTLB1jJ-r47zVLgX47lNH-s/r148TextBox.png" border="0" />

  • Can't reproduce with Windows 8.1 GA and VS2013 RTM. Looks just fine. Are you absolutely certain you are using the GA (general availability) build of Windows 8.1 - which is newer than RTM - and the final release of VS2013? You must have both, we don't support older versions at all.

  • Hi Ashley,

    I have both Windows 8.1GA and VS2013 RTM on both my desktop and laptop, but I am only getting the issue on the desktop. Everything works on the laptop. I reinstalled VS 2013 RTM on the desktop but the issue is still there. Not sure if it's a VS2013 bug or maybe a Windows bug in my desktop but others are having the same issue. Could it be a java issue?



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  • I doubt it's related to Java in any way. My best guess is you're not actually using 8.1 GA, because IE11 had some WebGL bugs in RTM and earlier and it looks most like WebGL rendering bugs. Perhaps check the Visual Studio console for any errors or warnings on the broken machine. If they relate to WebGL, I'd think that is even more likely the case.

  • I updated to 8.1 from the Windows Store on 10/18, so that would be the GA build. I haven't even put the project to VS and see the issue when running the preview from Construct.

    I have the free edition, r139 running on my computer at work, also on 8.1 GA. The text issue does not occur. Downloading r148 to same computer, will post result.

  • Here is my system info:

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/42533148/Screenshot%202013-10-22%2012.35.23.png" border="0" />


  • I can't read that screenshot. Intel HD 4000 graphics on my personal laptop with 8.1 driver where it doesn't work. AMD 6700 Radeon on my work computer, where the issue does not occur with r148.

  • Ashley, I don't know if you'll see this since the bug is closed, but I encounter this issue on both computers that I own. One desktop, one laptop. I'm dead in the water at this point with trying to update my app "Scary Sounds", which you can probably tell by the name, has a closing window of popularity for another year.

  • Its not because of IE11, and not because of Windows 8.1GA or Construct 2. I can lay the game via the web, but not in Visual Studios.

    It works on one computer and not on the other. Both computer have the same hardware abstraction layer (6.39600.1608) and Internet Explorer Build number. The only thing I can thing could be the problem is a bad Windows Update damaged a file or something. I know they pulled the update from RT devices because of some issue. I am still researching my issue.


  • I uploaded the debug log from Visual Studios has a bunch of invalid errors and warning. See the log here Debug Log

    I hop this can help.


  • Do you see the error when running the RUN LAYOUT from Construct? I see it before I even get to Visual Studio. The error in your log is interesting, though.

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