Text fields are blacked out

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Change delay, create new lines, "backspace" the text
  • Its from Visual Studios

  • I turned of ENABLE WEBGL in Construct 2 and the text fields are no longer blacked out. See if that works for you.

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  • Yep, turning it off fixed the problem. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks for the advice!


  • jlisenbyjr - thanks for reporting those errors. It looks like a bug in IE's WebGL renderer that only shows up when the engine thinks it's running on a mobile device. I've added an attempted workaround for the next build - hopefully that will fix it.

  • Ashely- you are welcome. I got another issue with the Windows 8 export Plug-in not sure if you update that as well but here is the error in opening flyouts like about in the charms setting from VS 2013

       JavaScript Console is attached and accepting commands.

       HTML1300: Navigation occurred.

       File: index.html

       Creating AppCache with manifest: 'ms-appx://301f0609-26ab-477f-b567-209f481a7026/offline.appcache'.

       The method Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.get_Value has been deprecated. Value may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Instead, query for window layout sizes directly.

       APPHOST9623: The app couldn�t resolve ms-appx://microsoft.winjs.1.0/css/ui-dark.css because of this error: 80070057.

       SettingsFlyout.width may be altered or unavailable in future versions. Instead, style the CSS width property on elements with the .win-settingsflyout class.

    If I need to do a new bug report let me know.


  • Thanks, Ashley!

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