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  • Mayble it's not a real bug, but I don't know what to do.

    Example project and screenshots:


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Just add 'Text' object ('Lorem ipsum' on the screenshots in the attached dropbox folder).

    2. Debug or run project.

    3. It looks normal when a layer background is white, but when I change background to different color (black and blue, for example), the text will look like it hadn't be 'smoothed' and it had be 'bolded'.

    The problem happens in all my projects. I tested them on three computers, os:win7/8/8.1 browsers: last chrome browser and IE11 (sorry, I can't install firefox now). One of the computer have the latest graphics driver update. But all of the computers doesn't have discrete graphics card, they all use 'Intel HD Graphics'. I tried different fonts, font sizes, etc.

    And the text looks normal ('smoothed' and not bold) in C2 layout editor (maybe because it uses its own render, as I readed). And the text looks normal when I export a project to 'Window' platform.

    Furthermore, as you can see on 5th and 6th screenshots, in my another project the issue repeats on two screens. I can move between this screens in game, and the issue won't go... But after short period of time, when the 'game over'-screens shows, its text looks normal (screenshot 7). If I start debug from this 'game over'-screen, again I'll get not-smoothed and bold text.

    Construct 2 version: it begins from the first version I used (156) to latest beta (160.2)

    p.s. sorry for my english.

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  • Ah - looks like a blending problem with text in WebGL mode. I think I've found the problem and corrected it for the next build. Good catch.

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