SpriteFont + Tint = stretched text in layout view

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  • Things like this will never get sorted until Scirra actually makes a real game with their product. Some issues surface only in larger projects, and can't be reproduced reliably in a dumbed down .capx file.

    Just because you can't reproduce a bug in a new project with nothing substantial in it, doesn't mean the bug does not exist - it just means you can't reproduce it easily so the devs can check it out.

    With respect, Ashley needs to use C2 for real game development so he can see the issues that crop up (like this one) when you build a real game beyond the scope of Space Blaster. . . . .

  • I still have this issue after all this time.

    cymrix I was restarting my C2 even before this post (and few others) were made, and it's only a temporary solution. It will mess up again after some time. Issue won't go away until you delete the tint effects (or others).

  • The issue is back for me too... And the "close tabs and restart C2" thing isn't working for me anymore...

    I noticed a few other things. The affected items still have issues if you copy paste to another layout or project. When webgl is acting funny in C2 I no longer see a selectbox (when you click and drag). And selections are no longer highlighted; with a box, and the size and angle handles don't show anymore (but if you hover in the right place your mouse cursor will change). Even after removing the effect there is still an issue.

    Some things are visually warping, and others are disappearing. For the things warping, I do not have a warp effect, only tint effect. For the things disappearing, they are not moving to a different z order or layer.

    I think I never ran into this before because this is the first time I've done this much with webgl effects. Specifically I'm using the tint effect a lot. Not everything with a tint effect is having issues, and it's not the same objects having issues each time. Depending on the zoom level and position of the layout in view, sometimes I can see the objects as "normal" (including the tint currently applied). The value of the effect options doesn't seem to matter either.

    I copy/pasted a few of the items having issues into a new project and attached the capx to this post. For me the issue currently exists in this capx as well. - I can't seem to attach this file, I'm getting a server error from the forum. I'll see if I can host somewhere else and post a link. - link here

    Again, I don't think it's a video driver thing as both of my computers are having the issue; they have completely different hardware and video drivers (Intel and AMD).

    This has definitely become a big enough issue that it's slowing down development. I'm not sure what else I can do at this point, I have no "workarounds" left, and I can't see some objects in the layout.

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  • We had the same problem 1 week ago and we solved first to delete the layer where it happened (plus 2 day's work gone ) but even more sadly this bug came back today at a other layer and it's very frustrating if you have to meet a deadline and then to read that Ashley is saying that it's not a bug so it got ignored?

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