Sometimes C2 previews incorrectly

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  • I don't have a .capx to reproduce this, but I finally managed to confirm something I had been suspecting for a while across quite a few versions - sometimes c2's preview, for no reason I can determine, works incorrectly (in chrome, don't know about others).

    Sometimes it was just things acting funny that didn't seem like they could have been because of my edits, but I've been wrong before about that sort of thing. This time though, the parallax on the ui changed, so it was obvious. I tried reloading in chrome and the problem was the still there. I pressed preview in c2 again, and with no changes at all to the project, it previewed properly with the ui correctly in place.

    Sorry about going against the bug posting rules and not having a capx, but I don't know how to make it reproducible every time, and while I realize this bug report probably won't be of any help at all, I thought I should bring it to your attention anyways.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Firefox: unknown

    Internet Explorer: unknown

    Operating system & service pack:


    Construct 2 version:


  • Now that's interesting! I discovered the same just yesterday. A project has three drumloop samples, all playing the same pattern. I switch between them using seek to make sure the new sample starts where the previous just stopped. It worked fine. When exported, the first time running it, it didn't work. All samples started at the beginning. After closing and loading the page again it worked.

    I started C2 again, previewed, and the problem was there. I then ended the preview, clicked on preview again - and the problem was gone.

    I also experience this with Chrome (since IE doesn't work on my pc and Firefox doesn't fully support web audio). The only difference is that I could see this behavior in an exported project, too.

    I wouldn't know how to provide any capx or other material that reliably reproduces this.

    But I'm glad you posted this, because I really started to get crazy about this. Now I know I'm not alone.

  • You know how sometimes a web page will display its text differently than usual? That's usually because the css didn't load correctly. Could be something like that is happening here.

  • Yea as new said probably its because of the browser itself that didn't loading something correctly.

  • Hi, it may not be related but I have a weird thing happening when previewing in Chrome also - which only just started yesterday.

    One game I have been working on has bee getting a constant 60 fps. finished up for the day, last preview constant 60 fps. The next day (yesterday) when previewing in Chrome it was getting a constant 30 fps!

    What's weird about it:

    1) I hadn't made any changes to the game.

    2) IE11 runs it at constant 60 fps (webgl)

    3) Export as win8 app - constant 60 fps (canvas 2D)

    I thought maybe WebGL was turned off in Chrome somehow but it appears not and it reports as running in WebGL when previewing.

    I even did a complete reinstall of my system, graphics drivers are up to the minute. Just tried on CR146 - same....

  • I refuse to accept that what Arima described or my own experience is a browser issue. Because, and I'm serious, if it was then browsers are not a reliable base for gaming - and that would render C2 useless.

    What should the customers be told? "To start the game you have to be lucky that your browser has a good day and actually presents the start button. If not, check back later." ?

    If it turns out that browsers interpret a standard like HTML5 just as they like and unreliable, one could only look at more insulated solutions.

    No, instead I really hope it is a bug in C2 - because it could be traced by Ashley and corrected.

    Sorry for my complains, but it really frightens me.

  • Just had it happen again. This time, the canvas was very low res and misaligned so that the center of the game was in the bottom right corner. I pressed refresh and now the game is both misaligned and rendering upside down. Not rotated, flipped vertically.

    I tried it in ie, and it said a problem with the page caused it to close the tab and reopen it. It did however work correctly after that, and didn't have the same problem when I tried it again.

    Firefox, aside from a lousy framerate and taking so long to start the game it says the script may be busy or stopped responding, worked fine as well.

    I then tried opening a new chrome window, and loading the preview again without repreviewing in c2, and it worked fine again.

    It's seeming like it really is just a chrome problem - which I would be both happy and upset about, as chrome is what node webkit uses. I guess all we can do is just wait and hope that google fixes it, since there doesn't seem to be any way to reliably reproduce it...

    Sorry about the incorrect c2 bug report.

  • I've noticed quirks in Chrome before, and wanted to blame Chrome immediately, but was left wondering how it could be in some cases.

    Then there are cases where I blamed Chrome, and it was actually something else, one was what happens when my web save didn't load and the nulls read as not equal 0. Parts of my unexplored map were unexplainably inconsistently visible.

  • I get random times where the keyboard doesn't work, and others where the debugger seems to disable all control input even when I click back in the window to get focus... grrrr....

  • NW uses Chromium. Not sure why Ashley insists on "essentially a standalone version of the Google Chrome" in the manual.

    It's similar, but when you're hunting possible bugs, it could lead to a wrong direction.

  • Has anyone seen this happen in Firefox or IE? It would be useful if anyone affected could preview for a while using a different browser and report back if the same issue occurs. Reading this thread, it does sound like a Chrome-only issue.

    Has anyone ever seen this after exporting as well? It also sounds like it's limited to previewing only, which would mean it wouldn't impact published games.

  • I've also had this happen in Firefox (latest update), including after HTML5 export. A page refresh typically fixes the issue, though sometimes I have to refresh a few times. Haven't had the issue when exporting to Node-Webkit.

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  • Hi,

    i just encounter that about 5 sec after preview, the screen preview will go crazy, white screen then start random shows then blank again

    i wonder what happened

  • In my case, the preview went out of places if chrome is zoomed in or out. The touch behavior also won't work.

    Previews are ok when the scale is at 100%

  • Hello. Something similar happened to me today. Yesterday, Construct 2 was previewing my game in Chrome just fine. Today, without making any changes whatsoever to the project, every object that had the "glow" effect in the layout turned invisible! I checked older versions of my project (I have a weekly backup) to see if it had been something I had done wrong on my latest version... But ALL of the versions now share this problem. Deleting the "glow" effects of the object didn't seem to work either, now they're always invisible. I've only been using Chrome for these tests. Maybe it's the browser that's not rendering the glowing objects correctly?

    (This only happened to me today. I've been using construct almost every day for the last 6 months, and had never seen this issue).

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, as I was just a tweak or two away from finishing my project, and it was meant to be used as my official Game Design portfolio to find a job in the industry. (I recently graduated as a Game Designer from College).

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