[r69] Problem in "run layout" after updating C2

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  • Hello Scirra people,

    I'm having a recorrent problem when updating C2 on the mid of projects.

    I was in the middle of developing process. I was using r68, but the latest release (r69) came and I update c2. The update was done in this morning.

    Then, when I tried to run the layout for tests, it didn't show. Instead it showed this message.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7967934/Scirra%20Help/Screenshot1_1.GIF" border="0" />

    It happened once before, when I updated from r65 to r66, again in the middle of another project.

    Someone know what can I do to fix this? Shall I downgrade C2 to r68 while in the development of this project?

  • Just solved it.

    Seems like a sprite had it's image corrupted and I forgot to delete it. When I deleted it the game worked again like a charm.

    I'll try to find something similar in the other project too.

    Thanks anyway!

  • You just need to delete Sprite3 from the Object list. This appears to be redundant, as it has no animation associated with it.

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  • thx Zenox098

    that's the sprite I told about. Don't know why it had no properties, but deleting it solved the problem.

    I don't even know who I added it oO

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