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  • Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    PART A

    1. Use Kongregate plugin in the game project.

    2. On Start of Layout, have a condition that says Kongregate->On Login. Make the game do something on logging in (eg. making a sprite visible).

    3. Compile game <font color=Red>with the minify setting</font> and upload it to the server.

    4. Get the URL to index.html and fill it into Kongregate's IFrame URL box.

    5. Run game on Kongregate.

    PART B

    6. Repeat steps 1 to 5, but in step 3 <font color=Red>do not set minify</font>.

    <PS. I made a copy of kongregate_api.js and placed it on my server. I also updated index.html to point to the new path on my server (and not pointing to Kongregate.com). At least it would be more responsive during testing.>

    Observed result:

    PART A: Game does not detect that player has logged in (with minify set).

    PART B: Game detects that player has logged in (with minify not set).

    Expected result:

    PART A: Game should detect that player has logged in and the condition should have been triggered.

    PART B: Game detects correctly that player has logged in and the condition is triggered.

    <font color=Blue>My suspicions - Apparently, the minified script shows "kongregate.xl.blah();" etc, whereas the unminified script shows "kongregate.services.blah();". Could minifying have caused a problem? Is there a workaround or quick-fix to this bug? - I prefer to have my project minified.</font>

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: yes

    Firefox: yes

    Internet Explorer: yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Win 7 and SP1

    Construct 2 version:


  • Oops.. Kongregate finally fulfilled my request to "delete" my app. The link is no longer applicable.

    Ashley, If you need a capx, I will create one for you tomorrow.


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • I've gone over the Kongregate plugin code carefully and it looks like it ought to minify OK. Can you post a minimal .capx that reproduces? (Note we require this anyway, exactly for this kind of situation)

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  • Hi Ashley,

    You are right.

    I have been repeating the tests extensively at my end and apparently I am confusing it with two issues:

    1. The above bug symptoms which I list above.

    2. And the fact that it does not load kongregate_api.js for me.

    After refreshing my browser cache thoroughly and testing with less used browsers like Safari and Maxthon, I found that the code executes when minified.

    However, my second problem:

    In index.html, it says:

    <script src="//www.kongregate.com/javascripts/kongregate_api.js"></script>

    To get my game to work, I always had to do this: Download the javascript file and place it on my server, then modify index.html file with:

    <script src="http://myserver.com/mypath.com/kongregate_api.js"></script>

    Otherwise, my game would appear to have "stopped" at the loading screen.

    If you have an idea as to why this might be happening, I would love to hear your thoughts.

    In conclusion, please close the original bug.

    Sorry for the wild goose chase and keep at what you are doing.

    Great job!


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • Ok, ignore and close my entire thread.

    Attribute the problem to my inexperience with the Kongregate platform and plugin.

    Thanks and regards,

    Gavin GamesWarp

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