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  • It would seem I'm unable to close C2. It seems to happen only after a long time of use. I would save, close project from the menu, then try the red X. Only way to close it, is with Task Manager.

    I have windows 7 64bit.

  • See Ashley ,It's not my hardware It's the software.Hope this problem gets fixed soon.Been having this closing crash since R100 rolled out.

  • Could this bug be something to do with the auto backup system?

  • I encounter this bug too. Win7 64-bit.

  • I'm unsure if it's the same crash on exit bug but I can reliably cause a crash in win vista 32:

    1. Open Construct2

    2. Create new project

    3. Add Sprite

    4. Close image editor

    5. Close Construct2

    6. "Construct 2 game creator has stopped working"

    I've since narrowed it down to find that whenever the image editor is opened Constuct 2 will crash when it exits.

    The error report is always the same, the only thing that stands out is the "fault module name" is "gdiplus.dll". In r52 Ashley made the image editor software rendered and I presume that he may have used gdiplus to do the drawing. So my thought is something isn't being uninitialized properly.


    I just further narrowed it down to find it will only crash on exit if the color palette is opened which would effect r99 on.

  • I don't think it's related either, I get it too.

    You can close the project, but Construct does not exit, and the close button doesn't do anything.

    You can however load projects. But at that point I didn't trust it would be safe to save them again, and shut it down with the task manager.

    Happened at least twice so far, maybe more, it was so inconsistent, I didn't bother committing them to memory.

    Unknown on session length, as I keep it running for days.

  • It's very difficult to do anything about this without a repro. However R0J0hound's description is interesting. I reviewed the image editor code carefully and found some code that may have caused crashes on exit in some cases. I've made changes for the next build but it's not something I can reliably reproduce myself - so we'll just have to see how it goes.

  • Ashley

    r112 seems to have fixed the crash on exit for me.

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  • sqiddster Paradox - can you confirm if this is fixed/still happens in r112?

  • Ashley I'll let you know if it happens again but it's hard to reliably reproduce so I won't be able to give you a definite answer in the affirmative.

  • Like you, I never had the crash on close problem, but I will report the "refuse to quit" immediately if it happens again.

    Hopefully it's just how the crash manifested on my machine.

  • Ashley, unfortunately I can report it has happened again in r112. I left C2 running while the computer slept and now it refuses to close, either by clicking the red X or right-clicking C2 in the taskbar and clicking 'close'.

    If I go to the task manager and click 'end task' , I get the 'Construct 2 has stopped working' message, and if I close this, everything exits.

  • r112 unfortunately doesn't seem to fix this problem for me. It's doing the same thing as sqiddster. Do you think it could be a plugin possibly doing it?

    I would seem to happen only when I try not to recreate it. It seems almost random. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • sqiddster, - crashing if your computer goes to sleep or hibernates while Construct 2 is open is a known issue and is a separate problem - can you reproduce any issues on exiting when your computer has been on and active the whole time?

  • Ashley I'll let you know if it ever happens without the PC going to sleep.

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