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  • Well it seemed to happen just now. I was working on my project for a while, all I did was uploaded new versions of some sprites. I also moved the sprites around on the screen. Then I saved (I'm saving directly into a dropbox folder if that matters). Clicked close project from the menu. Then tried to exit, but it just hung there and didn't close.

  • No exit probs for me thus far.Made some significant changes for my monkey game project (More animations,Improved character sprites , Two new levels and added a plethora off sound effects).The biggest prob i had which came close to the exit crash was when i changed some events.The project closed when i pressed the x button ,but construct 2 didn't close. After i pressed the X button for a second time construct 2 closed flawlessly.

  • I can confirm I am unable to close C2, even though my PC did not go to sleep. I did play a fullscreen game while it was open.

  • I have it happen to me too: Can save and close projects, but will not exit the program. Seems to happen when I open another project when I'm working on a project. i.e. opening an example project. This opens a second instance of C2 that loses ok. After that instance is closed, I can't close the 1st one.

  • Yes, this has happened to me also using the last few builds. I have Win 7 64-bit and usually end up closing C2 using the task manager. I haven't really noticed any rhyme or reason other than using the program for awhile.

    EDIT: Ashley

    This just happened again today (1/27/2013). I had one project open for many hours while doing regular work on it. I opened up a 2nd project, copied some things from 2nd to 1st project. When I attempted to close 2nd project, the project closed but C2 would not. It stayed open and unresponsive. So, I had to kill both with Task Manager to get back to normal.

  • It did it again for me. I have updated to r116. Just like Manley23 I was working on my project alot today. When I tried to close it, it closed the project but not the program. I really wish I could replicate it reliably.

  • I remember reporting this before quite a while ago heh, but yes, same happens to me aswell. I wish I could give more information but to me it just seems unpredictable, sometimes it closes and sometimes it requires task manager to close. t.t

  • Ashley -Interesting development, that might be a clue..

    If the projects seems to close, and Construct2 doesn't, hitting Alt-F4 in r137 causes an immediate crash.

    While it is an easy way to get rid of the still open Construct, could it indicate what might not be closing correctly?

    edit:(or give you an option to crash instead of sitting locked up?)

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