Platform Behavior bug (gliding over platforms)

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  • This has actually been around since day 1, and was even a problem in CC, but got much worse in C2 r112.

    If you are jumping and move on to a platform horizontally - often when pushing up against it - there's a chance that your player won't land but instead get stuck in a sort of jumping/landing limbo. The only ways to get out of it are to jump again, walk off the platform, or stop moving horizontally in which case the player will do a short "hop" that is actually the remainder of the previous jump.

    Here is a .capx to easily reproduce this bug.

    The player is yellow when on the floor and orange when not. Just hold right and jump to that higher platform while moving and chances are you'll "land" but remain orange.

  • I came here to post the exact same thing. My issue doesnt have the hop thing tho, maybe its not noticeable because i set low settings on the platforming. Anyway, thanks for reporting :D

  • The platform movement is getting insanely complicated, but I think I've been able to resolve it for the next build. Let me know how it goes...

  • I did many workarounds on my platform game to avoid various issues, and every time We earn a new solution I need to rework the whole code to find where my workaround stopped to work.

    Hope the next patch solve it in definitively.

  • r113 is out and should help fix this, any luck?

  • Works like a charm for me :D

  • Hello, I have the same issue.

    I'm using release 114 (64-bit).

    When I jump onto a platform and the jump and the jump movement is not finished yet and you then touch the platform the character slides to the left or right.

    I tried several options to stop this, but the only thing helping is if the player pushes a key to stop the movement.

    Searched the tutorials and the forum but didn't find a satisfying answer, the issue is best simulated with a low jump strength.

  • Ashley Sorry for the late response. This bug occurs much less frequently as of r113/114, and is very difficult to reproduce in the example now, but unfortunately it still happens from time to time in my other projects.

    Actually this may have introduced another bug (it may just be my code, I'll look into it) where your player is pushed upwards a few pixels after stopping on a slope. I never had that happen before r113 so..

  • Can anyone reproduce this in a reliable way in r114? The Platform behavior is very complex, and it's extremely difficult to do anything about issues that happen rarely.

  • Ok, I modified my game to reproduce those bugs. I found another platform bug, I call him "floor bug". If u look the video, when the player goes over the junction platform floor, depending on the position, it consider like the player is landing... but he's running without jumping.

    I sended modified capx directly to support at scirra, because last version I was working on (r110.2) it works fine. From version r111 I begin to have those problems...

    I modified the collision polygon of the grass to better show the issue. The arrows represent the keyboard commands.

    Here's the videos (not in public list, of course!):

    Wall bug

    Floor bug

    Hope you fix it like in previous version.


  • I'm happy for the new release, but I don't see any changes for the platform behaviour... have you received my capx file with the bugs? Maybe you'll fix in the next release? I know you have to do a lot of cool things and many upgrades, but this issue there wasn't before latest releases...

    so if you could return in the original status.

  • Ashley - just wanted to mention this is in r117 (which i know is a beta <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />). it only seems to happen at higher ground speeds in my project (player's x is set every tick to remain stationary while the platforms travel at the player)

    edit: it seems that it happens when the corner of the player connects with the corner of the platform, almost like a falling through the map glitch/bug.

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  • I have this happen to me as well. I am using tiled blocked tiles, that could be the issue. I am using r117.

    Example of error here.

    Properties of the object here.

    I may be using it wrong, but I find it extremely useful for spreading tiles out easily.

  • We cannot fix bugs from screenshots: we need .capx projects made from scratch. Can you provide this?

  • Ashley the problem is the collision is getting stuck with the edges of the solid tiles. Gravity should cause any collisions to have friction, but not make you clip to another object. For example, if I have a diagonally blocked sprite (something that is not blocked completely on the same X value all the way from top to bottom), it will get stuck on it. The greater the difference of the angle of the block, the more it will clip.

    I've read you say to use movement with a 32x32 square, but it seems like a bug to me. Developers have to do a hack around it. I personally do not want to design my game around a 32x32 block square. It defeats the purpose of collisions in the first place.

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