Platform Behavior bug (gliding over platforms)

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  • Helladen That's not a bug. You need to use a separate collision mask object (usually a rectangle) and use that as your player instead. The sprites are purely cosmetic.

    Ashley It's very difficult to make a .capx to reproduce this but there is a bug with the platform behavior and corners. Instead of sliding along the top like the OP was about, the "on landed" condition isn't triggered. This is especially bad for platform characters with landing animations that affect the x velocity as the whole thing is skipped.

  • Tokinsom I suppose so. I just figured blocking would be better if it were done on the cosmetic sprite rather than an invisible one. Never mind about it, then.

  • Helladen - we only support the Platform behavior when used with a bounding box collision mask, so we don't fix bugs unless they occur with that. Using a rectangle collision for Platform with a cosmetic sprite on top is a totally standard and far more reliable way of designing platform games.

    Tokinsom - you're the only one who's provided an actual .capx reproducing the issue so far, and the link in the OP is now a 404. I can't work on this any further unless I have a .capx!

  • Ashley - The bug was no longer reproducible in that .capx so I took it down. Here is a new one showing 2 ways to reproduce it with slightly different results. The 2nd is kind of tricky, though. Thanks for looking into it still.

  • OK, I think I *might* have finally got to the bottom of this. It seems on rare occasions, if you pixel-perfectly jump sideways on to a platform, sometimes the platform behavior would accidentally detect that as an upward slope that you're walking up. By tweaking the handling of slope detection, I think I have fixed it. You can try the new platform runtime.js here and let me know if this resolves it for you:

    I was hoping to do a stable release next, but I would really prefer this to have thorough testing in beta before putting the fix in a stable update. We've had small tweaks like this break the platform movement for some people before, because it's really hard to get right for all rotating gravity/jumpthrus/etc. that people use. So even if this works I might *not* release it in the next (stable) update, but put it in the first beta after that. (In the mean time you can use the runtime.js above.)

    Let me know if this works for you, and especially if you notice anything working at all differently with slope handling.

  • Ashley - Everything seems to be working well over here. I've tested the new changes in 3 different projects all using slopes, jump-thrus, a series of custom mechanics + platform enemies. The only difference is you now have to use a collision offset of 0,1 to detect the floor instead of "Is Overlapping", which makes more sense anyway.

    The 2nd way I mentioned you can reproduce the bug is still there, but it's so hard to pull off I guess it's ok for now.


  • I tryied the runtime.js and improves the flickering issue but doesn�t solve it completely.

    The only solution for me is to work on version r108.2

  • Ga2Z - Flickering?

  • Tokinsom - I'm having trouble reproducing the second issue, I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're doing from the descriptions. Could you clarify?

    Ga2Z - if your issue is different to the one in the original post of this thread, please start a new thread including a .capx and steps to reproduce/observed result/expected result and so on. Issues cannot be investigated without all of this information.

  • Oh sorry, I'm sure this is the problem for me too. Is just I couldn't reproduce the error in a smaller capx, because the error is not present in my attempts to find it. But there's also no reason to be working fine in previous releases (I made the thread but it died there because I couldn't get the example capx for you)

    And by "flickering" I mean that the character start jumping a little bit at different speeds everytime I land on a platform, that's why it looks like flickering (or maybe I'm misusing the word). Aaaand, I'm sure that I'm on the right thread beacuse the problem almost got solved with the runtime.js, it just was less frequent. For now, I can work on r108.2 and is perfect :)

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  • I'm closing this report since I think the issue in the original post is now resolved. If you still have problems with the Platform behavior, please post a separate new thread for each issue you have with a reproducing .capx.

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