Pathfinders works on Desktop quite differently than on Android (C3)

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    1. CAPX:

    2. Problem exist only on Mobile:

    Enemies should follow the new object (MagnetCake) and then return to the original object (Arrival). It works perfect on the Desktop version. In the Android version, the enemies follow (magnetCake) and then half of them stand still and do not go to Arrival.

    3. How find this problem?

    The problem can be traced in 1 level by clicking on 1 on the map (layout: Campaing_1). When the enemies are on the map, put a cake on their path. On the desktop, the enemies go to the cake correctly, and when it explodes, they go to the permanent point of arrival. But on Mobile, enemies after the explosion of cookie stand still.

    The following video perfectly illustrates the problem in C3.

    1) a video on the Desktop. Enemies return to their targets correctly, even though they sew to the cake earlier.

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    2. video on Android. Enemies can't find the target and stand still.

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    Thank You


    Are you reporting a C2 bug or a C3 bug? C2 is being retired next year and is only receiving critical updates now. C3 bugs should be filed here instead:

    Its C3, as I said if i export via C2 runtime then game is working fine. Because I made this game on C2.

    I will be grateful if you take care of this problem because I can no longer write the third document. The forum is still split on C2 and C3 and we don't know where to get help, Now there is a third page for errors on GitHub. That's far too much ;-)

    Thank You

    If the problem happens in C3, please file it to the C3 tracker. Closing this issue.

    What is C3 tracker? Its running on C3 runtime and works od Desktop. Not working when I export to Android. Please watch 2 videos above, they are very short

    Click the link I provided previously. Please read the bug report guidelines, videos are generally not useful in bug reports.

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    Remember, it's your business to make people want to report bugs. They make you a meadow. One sentence should be enough for you to want to investigate the matter and you want to be presented with papers.

    I paid with this program and will not register on the next platform to say that the Desktop version works differently than Mobile and waited a few months for someone to investigate.

    And where should I paste this issue tempalte? Here or there? Sick!

    It's a waste of time, Ashley. You don't read posts, you don't care about fixing mistakes. This program is devoid of technical support. You made changes to Pathfinders C3, as you can see after the tutorial, so you broke something along the way.

    Waste of money

    I'm afraid it's actually impossible to help unless you follow the bug report guidelines. They are not there just to annoy you - there is literally nothing we can do unless you provide the required information.

    People routinely file useless or impossible bug reports, and unfortunately it is not feasible to investigate them. We require that people follow the guidelines so that people file reports that we actually have a chance of resolving the problem and helping them.

    I know it can be frustrating dealing with issue reports, but unfortunately merely insisting that we do it anyway is not helpful. We provide detailed bug report guidelines to help users provide the right information so that the problem can be solved. Please also see the forum & community guidelines regarding demaning impractical measures; on that basis, locking this thread.

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