NW.js Not Opening after Export.

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  • NW.js not opening after export!

    ____ Use latest version of C2 (r252). Export blank project to NW.js, kiosk mode (playing a game in windowed mode with the "x" looks quite unprofessional so kiosk is the only real option for distribution). ____


    ____ It's super easy to reproduce, and NW.js can take almost a Gigabyte from C2 AS A BLANK PROJECT so it took a while to upload.. ____

    Simply Open C2 and immediately export your blank project to NW.js.

    ____ Run the project. Close it. Look up your processes. There will be 3 leftover NW.js processes still running, preventing the app from ever opening again.____

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Open freshly exported NW.js file.
    • Run the 64 bit version
    • Close it, then try to reopen it. Notice it doesn't open (I'm using Windows 10). And also notice there are 3 nw.js processes still running, if you manually close these (CTRL + ALT + DEL), it will run again. Otherwise it won't. Very unprofessional.

    Observed Result

    ____ Can only run NW.js exports once and they will never open again until you restart or shut down the processes manually ____

    Expected Result

    ____ Able to open and close the file freely and repeatedly for multiple user sessions... ____


    • Chrome: (YES/NO)
    • FireFox: (YES/NO)
    • Internet Explorer: (YES/NO)

    Windows 10

    ____ Windows 10 Version 1709 / OS Build 16299.192 ____

    C2 version r252 ID

    ____ Exact version ID of Construct 2 you're using ____

  • Reminder - your post does not follow the Bug Report Guidelines so will likely be closed automatically.

    Just exported a blank project as you have suggested - kiosk mode. No residual instances still active after running export and exiting. No problems running export again (many times).

    Using Win 7 Pro x64, r252, NWjs ver v0.27.2 (although just noticed an even newer version - will test and update.

  • Did you read the bug report?

    Try using Windows 10

  • Thanks for the polite response.

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  • zenox98 - also how does it not follow the bug report?

    I followed the provided outline exactly to create the report.

    Your provided answer shows you did not read it very thoroughly, you need to go back and read it again, slowly and thoroughly.....

  • I just saw the new version as well(updated 5 days ago) I will update as well..

  • zenox98 It works with the latest version, thanks for the help. Case closed! ))

  • For my future fellow travelers reading this report, and wondering how to get NW.js to work, here is the download link for the latest updated versions here:


  • Closing as reporter has indicated the problem is solved.

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