Music dont work under Edge

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  • Problem Description

    Music dont work with Edge under Windows 10

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Add a music or sound and play

    Observed Result

    no sound or music

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: NO
    • FireFox: NO
    • Edge: YES

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Constrcut 2 Release 212.2

  • A .capx would have been nice, as without it they will simply assume your files are not encoded correctly and close it wIthout investigation if they are able to make just one file run.

  • Omg, a capx to juste play a Sfx or Music ^__^

    Stops to be stupid

  • All Audio don't work to me too in Edge.

  • Closing, audio works for me in Space Blaster and no .capx provided, so can't reproduce.

  • you closed this topic because your game works with music, beautiful mind.

    I think your "Space Blaster" have M4A for audio, that works fine.

    But put an OGG, and you can see that OGG dont work with EDGE.

    M4A is not the only music or sound format that C2 support, and you dont test with only an OGG file.

    And C2 is compatible with Edge ?

    let me laugh

  • I did though (actually I know) that you actually needed m4a files too... for internet explorer and safari, as there is not one single patent /royalty free format that works across browsers.

    Which is why the recommended way is to import a wav in C2, which will convert it to both ogg and m4a (or import both of them), unless I missed something and microsoft edge does have a way to play ogg vorbis files which could be the case, I just use as a reference.

    It is not that C2 support one format or the other, it needs both (the ogg is the main one that the editor uses, the m4a is a fallback for browsers that simply won't understand what an ogg file is due to a lack of implemented codec), it is also not a news.

  • Ogg Vorbis has never been supported in Internet Explorer, so it should be entirely unsurprising to learn that Edge does not have support for Ogg Vorbis either. If you stick to the recommended import format of 16-bit PCM WAVs and use Windows 7 or newer, Construct 2 will automatically encode the AAC files (.m4a) for you, ensuring IE + Edge compatibility for audio. This is not a bug, it's always been the case, and Edge is the same as IE in this regard.

  • Some harsh words there,

  • I'm also experiencing some audio issues with Edge. The sounds are playing, but some of them are sounding tottaly diferent form the original sound files in my project, which not occurs on any other browsers i've tested. Do you guys know if there is some solution for this, maybe to add some wave files to the project manually or mp3? Any help or comments will be greatly appreciatted!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • It seems there are still some audio issues in Edge with the latest stable build r216. Sounds work fine so far but the music is not playing in most cases (with and without preloading on a layout before). Has anyone else still problems with music in Edge?

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