iOS audio distorted/missing with background apps

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  • (Apologies for my last bug report)

    Problem Description

    Often audio can be heard to be distorted when running a game with an app in the background suspended/minimised that has previously used sound. On occasions there will be no sound or selective sound.

    Other non-Construct 2 apps/websites on the same device do not exhibit the same issue.

    Other Construct 2 members have mentioned this in the forums.

    Attach a Capx ... Tamra?dl=0

    Description of Capx

    Plays a sound effect on button press

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Preview the app on an iOS device using safari (iPad 4 and iPhone 4s confirmed), play the sound so you know what a non-corrupted file sounds like.
    • Close safari
    • For the most consistent reproduce I recommend downloading one of the following , load to first screen.
      • Hitman Go
      • Prune
      • Disassembly 3D: Ultimate Stereoscopic Destruction <= Free
      (You could try your luck at other games or youtube, I have seen this occur but it is very random).
    • Load the preview address back on safari, play the sound, notice it is distorted or missing.

    Observed Result

    The sound is now distorted/corrupted or not present.

    Both app preview and releasable packages.

    Expected Result

    The sound is not distorted.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (/NO)
    • FireFox: (/NO)
    • Internet Explorer: (/NO)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    iOS 8 & 9

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r216 (has been present from at least r212)

    Please, I have spent what to me is a lot of money on C2 and a year of hard work, this game is currently un-releasable.

    To that end if there is anything I can do to help please let me know!

  • Plays fine here on Ipad 3.

    Not really going to buy a game to test for sound, sorry.

    I would suggest getting rid of the dashes and underscores in the file name.

    Also you can pull out the ogg for ios.

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  • I've been downloading random games and found a few other examples that will provoke it, notably of the free variety:

    Disassembly 3D: Ultimate Stereoscopic Destruction ... 04666?mt=8

    I've no idea what it is either... luckily all you have to do is boot into the first screen (wait for the music) then open safari with my app preview.

    I think It's important safari isn't already running.

    Could you try this please newt ?

  • Added a video to the same dropbox folder using my capx and the free game above ... Tamra?dl=0

  • Without downloading the 348 mb app Im going to say from the vid that its an ios issue.

    You might try researching it from that end, but all in all its not unacceptable to have issues switching apps on ios.

  • Its not just switching apps (although that is best repro) there just has to be an app in the background, which I daresay everyone will have, that is not acceptable.

    Furthermore switching to safari playing a non-C2 website works fine.

    I welcome people to try genuine repro's but lets not add noise to the bug report!

  • Im saying thats not a good reason to not release an app.

  • I am having this problem also. Sound occassionally got distorted or missing on iOS too.

  • Same problem here. Has anyone been able to solve it, or have any ideas? We've had to submit an update removing the audio completely.

  • I've not been able to reliably reproduce this on an iPad Air 2 running iOS 9.2 - occasionally when bringing back Safari the audio would seem to cut out, but I never heard it playing distorted, and after a while it just worked every time. I'm not sure there's much we can do anyway - it sounds like a bug in iOS and the workarounds I've seen basically involve destroying the audio context and recreating it, but that is very difficult given C2's audio engine as pre-allocated audio buffers and effect chains which would all also need to be torn down and recreated, and then trying to support resuming audio (like the way music resumes when you bring back the app) would be incredibly difficult. I think we will just have to wait it out and hope the next iOS update fixes it.

  • Every app I have has some issue with sound cutting out.

  • Unresumed music position would be a small trade off for being able to get our games on store.

    I must have downloaded hundreds of games and never seen an issue like this. Do you have some examples Newt I can investigate and I'll log a dev bug with Apple.

    With C2 I've a feeling iOS 8 might be more prone to distortion and iOS9 missing audio.

  • Updating my ios8 devices to ios9 confirms distorted audio is replaced with no audio running the same test case.

    Also audio never came back for me.

  • The music in our app was frequently distorted. Seemed to happen on all iOS phones (all running iOS 9). When tested on iPads, one device (also iOS 9) had no sound at all.

  • Playing audio through vanilla javascript works fine which makes me question whether this is an iOS bug.

    i.e. (in Construct 2) execute javascript action "new Audio('<sound>.m4a').play()"

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