iOS audio distorted/missing with background apps

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  • Hello, I'm having the same issue with sound. I cannot get the "Audio" play to work - no music and no sound effects.

    Working on my first app and exported as HTML5 for Intel XDK to test on my iPhone 6 running iOS 9.2 for a test and I noticed there isn't any sound.

    Maybe an issue with the files being .OGG?

    I would export using Cordova but I received errors when trying to import to Intel XDK stating that I was using an old version of Cordova which I assume is because the plugin for Construct 2 is outdated?

    I will explore the the Cordova error on another thread but I wanted to let everyone know about the iOS 9.2 sound issue I was having.

  • *Update - for me it looks like that this might not be an iOS problem but an export problem.

    When I export via HTML or Cordova - none of the media files are exported out as .m4a format which is required for iOS. I assumed Construct 2 would convert my .ogg files into .m4a but it looks like I will need to provide both before exporting or after exporting.

    So my audio is working now that I added .m4a but the sound quality is grainy and heavily distorted.

    To fix this I first imported the .m4a through Construct 2 GUI and selected the higher quality import.

  • To fix this I first imported the .m4a through Construct 2 GUI and selected the higher quality import.

    doesn't work for me :/

  • > To fix this I first imported the .m4a through Construct 2 GUI and selected the higher quality import.


    doesn't work for me :/

    So I thought I had solved this same problem with my app but its not resolved.

    When I launch my iOS App the sound will sporadically have problems being distorted.

    Sometimes the background music will be fine and sometimes it grainy and choppy sounding.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem (bit crushed sound or no sound at all).

    My specs and workflow:

    Construct r221

    Windows 7 on Boot Camp (Macbook Pro)

    Cordova Export

    Phonegap Build

    App running on iPhone 6 iOS 9.2.1

    I'm installing iOS 9.3.1 beta to check if it resolves the audio issue. I'll post here if it fix.

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  • iOS 9.3.1 Beta installed and the problem persists.

  • Checkout this blog post: ... ile-issue/

    When I tested the sound in that link using my iPhone the first "touchstart" audio is distorted but the other two are fine. Try that link out on an iPhone to reproduce the grainy audio.

    Looks like if you use "touchend" the audio plays fine.

  • I'm on iOS 9.2.1 and if I browse to my game in safari audio works fine but if I pin it to the home screen then launch it there's no audio at all. I can even switch right back to safari and audio continues to work.

  • Original .capx link is no longer working, so we can't investigate this any further. This is missing review for the r222 release cycle. Please provide a .capx link that works or the issue will be closed.

  • majesticAsFk can you post the .capx?

  • One other idea to try when there is a .capx again: if this is to do with switching to the home screen/another app and then coming back, it might be worth trying enabling "play in background" in the Audio object properties. Normally switching away and coming back will suspend and resume the audio context, but if you enable that option it just leaves it running. This might help identify if the problem stems from suspending the audio context.

  • Ashley thanks for the feedback and idea - I am going to test this out later this week.

  • Feel free to close the bug or mars1985 if you wouldn't mind attaching a capx.

    Half way through professional development of my game I've had to switch to Unity because of this and other issues.

    This has caused me major stress and financial set back and I find the developers response to the issue and general view towards its customers unacceptable. I have essentially purchased software which is not fit for purpose, it's the developers attitude to such problems why the engine will never be considered a serious option for professional developers.

    For what it's worth my initial tests integrating an external JS audio framework was working fine.

  • majesticAsFk we have another thread going with a lot of people with the same problem. I've seen this problem posted about over and over without being seriously addressed. I guess if a dozen people start complaining about it then we may see some traction.

    We were able to resolve the audio distortion problem but now the audio won't run on the first run after install.

    Thanks for your feedback - I am looking to switch over to Unity - its unfortunate that this isn't more support for iOS with Construct 2. I really like how easy Construct 2 is to use but if I can't properly export it to iOS then its useless and a waste of time.

  • Ashley thanks for the feedback and idea - I am going to test this out later this week.

    Ashley I tested enabling play in background on the Audio properties which resolved the minimize bug where you minimize the the app or switch to the home screen that your app loses sound completely.

    The first run bug (no audio) is still an issues after converting the audio sample rates to 48000khz to resolve the audio distortion.

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