[Gave Up] IAP Amazon/Google Play/Chrome Web not working

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  • Actually , no it shouldn't be that way. This is an official plug. It should work as stated, or at least have an official statement why it's currently not working.

    The problem is that he has nothing to tell that he is doing something wrong, or if it's broken.

    The plug has very little documentation, and no official examples.

    This isn't one of those novice expectations like one click deploy, or unlimited ram.

    Thanks Newt. I half expected responses telling me to find another way to do this. Had C2 not been as easy to develop in as it is, I'd have been screaming for a refund weeks ago. I still have hope.

    Ashley did state in one of my older post about this that the Chrome Web Store probably didn't work and that he was going to look into it for the next patch. I posted it along with the other issues as a 'reminder' after the next patch came and went.

    That's as close to anything official that I've gotten.

  • IAP should be working on Android. Follow this guide for the full setup steps.

    I don't think Chrome Web Store or Amazon IAP support was ever more than experimental - when we originally introduced it we asked for testing feedback but never heard anything, so I assumed either nobody cared or it worked. (It's really hard to test these features with all the store configuration and publishing requirements.) I'll review the Chrome Web Store and Amazon IAP support in the coming builds.

  • Right, here's the problem. If I follow your tutorial and install: https://github.com/poiuytrez/AndroidInAppBilling

    I get this when trying to build with XDK...

    Plugin "com.smartmobilesoftware.androidinappbilling" (3.0.2) installed.

    Plugin "cordova-plugin-legacy-whitelist" (1.1.0) installed.

    Plugin "cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase" (3.4.1) installed.

    Error: Plugin com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling failed to install.

    Which, for over a year now, you've been saying is an XDK issue.

    So, correct me if I'm mistaken in this logic but C2 is telling XDK to add that plugin via the XML and you're saying add the other plugin manually and any time you add the two to an XDK project it won't build them. It seems to me that it's the choice of plugins that C2 is telling XDK to use that's causing the issue.

    I've been ripping export .xml files apart and even adding both manually, XDK will build with either but not both.

  • Ashley

    I got it working. I now have a 'Has Full Version' returning true after a purchase has been made with the test capx. But...

    If you follow the tutorial it will still refuse to build in XDK. Here's what I had to do.

    • I went through every XML for the C2 export and every XML that XDK created in the project directory and removed every reference to com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling.
    • I manually added the cc.fovea.plugins.inapppurchase plugin to the XDK project.
    • I wasn't sure if the plugin you recommended in the tutorial was causing the issue or not so I found the cc.fovea.cordova.purchase which seems to work the same as it required the Google API key and maunally added it to the XDK project. (found here: https://github.com/j3k0/cordova-plugin-purchase)

    The project built with no issues and now I'm able to get

    Store Available

    Listing Success

    Product Name

    Purchase Price

    Has Product

    So far cancelling the product purchase in Google Merchant Services hasn't reverted the Has Product back to false but that may just be a delay in Google's system and probably not a C2 issue.

    This bug may be an issue with XDK automatically adding the com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling. I don't know enough about it to say. I'm just hacking my way through and making semi-educated guesses. You may want to confirm all of this and decide whether it's still an XDK issue or a C2 issue and possibly update the tutorial and/or send a note off to Intel letting them know.

    One thing I noticed is that XDK does give a warning when you import the C2 project that adding plugins via the .XML has known issues.

    Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction for a solution. I can now begin work again!!!

    And as for the Chrome and Amazon web... I did read that they were experimental and you didn't get a lot of feedback. I can live without them. Google Play is the big one on the block and once I get rolling again I can test the Amazon store to see if it works with a normal app and not just a web app. The basic plan was to have freemium versions on them. But if IAP doesn't work I can still use them for promotional put free versions on them to point the way to the Android app. If you do want them tested, add a note in the patch notes that get e-mailed out when you release updates (that way I'll see it) and I'll be happy to report any progress on them.

    Thanks again. I'm a happy coder now.

  • Ashley

    Ok, I do have it working now but only partially.

    If I make the purchase, shut the app down and restart the app, Has product comes back true.

    If I turn the phone off, turn it back on and run the app, Has product comes back false even if it's been purchased. If I then shut the app down and run it again, Has product comes back true.

    It appears to me there is a delay in initially getting Has product to the app so that on the first run, it doesn't get the response before the app has finished starting up. When the response does arrive, my Android device seems to be caching that information so that when I run it again, it finds it in the cache and gets the proper response.

    Because Has product is a true/false and not an event that I can associate a trigger to, I've tried adding in delays to make certain that the store is available and that the store listing success comes back true. I assumed that if store listing success came back true then Has product would be in there. Not so.

    When/How is the response for Has product being retrieved? Is there any way to make certain the app has gotten an actual response for Has product?

    I could use a stored variable to record when the purchase was made but, this becomes a problem when a purchaser requests a refund or to cancel the purchase.

    As it is now, I can never really be certain from the app's point of view if they have or have not made the in-app purchase.

  • .................. IAP ORDER ..................

    Start Layout -> Add products.....

    Request store listing

    On Store Listing Sucess -> Restore Purchases

    On Restore Purchases Sucess ->

    Has Product ".........."

  • Thank you. I'm trying. Been trying to figure this out for over a month now. https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=164992

    .................. IAP ORDER ..................

    Start Layout -> Add products.....

    ..........................Request store listing

    On Store Listing Sucess -> Restore Purchases

    On Restore Purchases Sucess ->

    ....Has Product ".........."

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  • .................. IAP ORDER ..................

    Start Layout -> Add products.....

    Request store listing

    On Store Listing Sucess -> Restore Purchases

    On Restore Purchases Sucess ->

    Has Product ".........."

    Boy, that would be nice. Unfortunately On Restore Purchases Success doesn't exist.

  • > .................. IAP ORDER ..................


    > Start Layout -> Add products.....

    > Request store listing


    > On Store Listing Sucess -> Restore Purchases


    > On Restore Purchases Sucess ->

    > Has Product ".........."


    Boy, that would be nice. Unfortunately On Restore Purchases Success doesn't exist.


  • Ah, the cranberry plugin.

    I have a problem with paying one guy for a piece of software that claims to work and then having to pay another guy to get it to work. While his price is very, very reasonable... on principle the one I've already paid for should work. However, all I've gotten in the past four months is the directions to a tutorial.

  • I use system restore purchases in my games in playstore and the function restore purchases works.

  • I use with older plugin the Phonegap IAP

  • Ok, I got sick of waiting for a response and ditched my principles. I followed Reinarte lead and bought Cranberry's plugins. His IAP worked perfect the first time and it was no more difficult to set up in XDK than the official one was.

  • Fengist So what's the status on In App Purchases? If Ashley assumes we don't care about it, does anything really work as it should?

  • LOL, I've pretty much given up on developing anything else with this software. The fact that all I got for support was... read the tutorial... told me Ashley doesn't really want spend any time fixing this.

    Last I tried, Chrome Web Store and IAP did not work.

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