Freeze dialog window (Reload CAPX)

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  • Problem Description

    Editing window events need long time to load or not displayed at all. Also, it can not be reset.

    This error occurs on different operating systems and different versions of C2.

    Updating drivers and the button "reset dialogs" do not help.

    You can delete a part of the project and then the problem disappears. I believe that this is due to the large size of the project.

    First, stops working the possibility of adding system events. (Create Object)

    If the objects in the project becomes even more, we completely lose the opportunity to work with a events sheet.

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx

    BeforeBug - Less than 2,000 sprites and everything is stable

    AfterBug - More than 2,000 sprites and we can not add any event.

    If from AfterBug.capx remove a couple of hundred sprites, all start working again.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • 1. In the events sheet, you need press"add action" or simply click on the action to edit.

    Observed Result

    See the file "action.JPG"

    Window poorly drawn or does not appear at all, blocking the ability to work.

    Expected Result


    Affected Browsers


    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 x64 sp1. RAM 6 Gb, Proc. Dual Core 3,16 GHz, NV GeForce 9800 GT (latest drivers)

    Construct 2 Version ID

    x64, r190 (not steam)

  • Helped clean the hard disk. But still, I believe that C2 should somehow be optimized for this case.

  • The problem still persists

  • Ashley has often stated that you may need to wait a couple of weeks before he can get around to investigating potential bugs - he is the only C2 developer after all and he receives lots of bug reports.

    Also, because you haven't followed any of the bug reporting guidelines - a "minimal" .capx with precise steps - then no one else can try to help either.

  • I changed the theme to basic. It seems the problem has disappeared.

  • same problem. changing to Basic theme dont helped.

  • I have the same problem. With long hours of work in large projects. When I edit events "especially systemic" I lost interface

    if you press Esc then the window disappears and you can continue to work

    but as soon as you start editing event, disappears interface.

  • Have you tried testing again in the latest build (r192)? We fixed a memory leak which had a significant effect on large projects.

  • In r192 had the exact same problem

  • r 192 it does not work

  • Ashley, I tested a capx (this project has many scml objects) from just before the issues start to take place. By importing 3 or 4 more Spriter projects I was able to reproduce the issue. I don't think it's an issue with the scml importer, because I was also able to reproduce the issue by manually importing each of the 40 or 50 images that make up those character without adding the scml files.

    The symptoms change a little each time. Once it starts, for me it manifests mostly in broken interface elements when I double click actions and conditions. The window will take anywhere between 5 and 30 seconds to appear, or not show up at all (requiring you to end task to exit). When the action or condition dialog appears there are random ui glitches, such as a horizontal purple line where the cancel button should be, or greyed out input boxes for expressions. Sometimes clicking on the greyed input boxes fixes them, and allows you to view and edit the value, and sometimes not. Here's another example:



    while chatting with ilimi, upon importing additional images, he got this error:

  • I imported PNG 118 times and got the error, but I can not see it.

  • Ashley, once the project becomes more than 2000 sprites, work is no longer possible. Please fix it.

  • I uploaded .capx

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  • ilimi - if you disable "cache icons for better performance" in Preferences, does it fix it?

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