Firefox Issues [r102]

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  • capx

    • Radeon HD 5770 /w AMD Catalyst 12.8 (video driver - up to date)
    • Windows 7 home prem 64 bit SP1

    Tested on updated Chrome, updated IE9, and updated Firefox.

    All is well on Chrome and, [Correction: Audio and gameplay is completely out of sync on IE9, but display looks good] fact, IE9 displays the graphics ideally, whereas Chrome is flawed (take note of the little 'thorn-like' blemishes on the sides of the grey arrow markers in chrome [and firefox], but not in IE9.)

    However, Firefox (up to date 15.0.1) is giving terrible performance. Likewise, the bottom of the game screen doesn't display correctly, appearing to move the bottom text up a good many pixels.

    Can be repeated by testing in Firefox.

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  • Runs a solid 60 FPS in Firefox here, same as Chrome and IE9.

    Apart from that please make separate .capx files created from scratch to demonstrate separate issues, as described in how to report bugs. Otherwise it's hard to tell if the other issues are mistakes in your events or issues with C2.

    e cannot help with large projects with hundreds of events. These can take hours and hours to investigate, often with the conclusion it was simply a mistake in the events. Unfortunately as a very small team we simply cannot afford the time to do this. As above, re-create the bug in a minimal new project.

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