Exporting HTML5 'Normal Style' does not centre the game

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  • Hi all,

    I have a HTML5 project which is not set to scale full screen, and 'Use high-DPI display' is set to Yes.

    Wondering if anyone has come across this issue before;

    When exporting your project to HTML5, if you select 'Normal Style' it does not centre horizontally in your browser - it hugs the top left of the screen.

    If you turn 'Use high-DPI display' to No, it then centres as expected.

    Games look a lot better on my 4k monitor with the high DPI setting set to Yes, so would be good to know if anyone has had this before / knows of a fix.



  • Did you check the Unbounded Scrolling of the Layout?

  • I had a look at that yea - the problem isn't with the scroll to behaviour, it's where the game window is positioned in the browser when you have full screen scaling set to off. for example; I have a game where the window size is 1280,720, no scaling, and when I export it in 'Normal Style' (which is supposed to centre the window in the middle of your browser) it hugs the top left corner instead. the problem is fixed when I turn the high dpi option to 'no' - which is not really a fix, more of a work around.

    hope that makes sense.

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  • This is currently by design, so the game can be displayed correctly in an iframe.

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