Still can't press space bar, move left and jump

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  • Problem Description

    Platform cannot jump if moving left while space is down

    Attach a Capx ... .capx?dl=0

    Description of Capx

    Platform object works if you are pushing right arrow, up arrow and jump but not if you are pushing left arrow instead of right arrow.

    e.g. Space bar is attack and platform uses default controls if you are holding attack (even if there are 0 events about the space bar)

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Create game with just a platformer sprite and a floor

    Hold space right arrow and push up arrow

    Hold space left arrow and push up arrow

    Observed Result

    Won't jump when moving left

    Expected Result

    Jump when moving left

    Affected Browsers

    Every one I have tried.. at least chrome and njw

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 221 personal license

    Ashley closed this as not a bug but it happens 100% of the time in multiple projects/browsers and I can consistently use the right arrow key and perform this action but not the left. I have tested it with multiple keyboards now and even if I add an event to specifically jump when space and left is down and up is pressed it does not work. Tested it in preview mode as well as uploading to the web and running it from multiple computers. Sorry for posting it again but I am getting close to trying to publish my game and this is a major issue as jumping in both directions happens frequently while shooting and this bug is glaring in my game with no way for me to fix it on my end. I would be glad to dig into this problem further if there are other specific details you need.

  • Closing as still not a bug, what I posted previously is true. We've had several reports like this in the past, researched it, and it is the keyboard hardware. The key combinations that work with three simultaneous presses are inconsistent: some do, some don't. Again, this is to do with the way common keyboard circuitry is designed. I think you can get some special keyboards that support more key combos, but they are expensive and few people have them. Like everyone else in the industry, you have to design games that only rely on two simultaneous key presses.

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  • For further reading: Keyboard Ghosting explained

  • Thanks for the explanation. I am guessing you won't read this but the issue is one I would still consider a bug just not with construct it is a bug with keyboards that I would guess most people don't know. Working in software QA for years has made me jaded whenever a developer says what I found wasn't a bug so I apologize for the double post but appreciate the info.

  • I believe this is a bug, I can shoot with space, run to the left and aim up in other games, I can't see why C2 games would be any different?

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