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  • I used a laptop with secondary display attached to it when at home. Construct 2 works fine with 2 screens, however, there is a problem:

    The program remembers the position of sub-windows such as "Add Event" and "Insert New Object". This is fine unless you have these windows on the secondary display and you removed the secondary display and whenever you request for these sub-windows, Construct 2's main window will appear as it has frozen (but not gray out) and you cannot interact with it at all. In the task manager, the program is still considered "responding", because the sub-windows' positions are off-screen. To fix this, I have to reconnect the secondary display, and drag these sub-windows back.

    It's true that some other programs have this problem, and sometimes this trick works fine. But it does not work with Construct 2's sub-windows. Also, alt+tab does not display these sub-windows.

    As of the current version, in this situation, without a secondary display, is it possible to drag these sub-windows back? If not, then could you please fix this? :)

    Keep up the good work sir. :)

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  • In the top-left menu select "Preferences"

    <img src="" border="0" />

    In the preferences dialog click on "Reset dialogs".

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