C2 interface problems on Surface Pro 2

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  • Problem Description

    I have recently purchased a Surface Pro 2 and Construct 2 has some glitches on this device, which I suspect may be related to the high-DPI screen and the fact that the OS uses a 150% DPI scaling setting to compensate and make things readable.

    -While most of the interface adheres to the OS DPI scaling settings, some parts do not such as the event editor text. I can enlarge it, of course, but then if I go and work on a desktop on the same project, I will have to shrink the text back down again.

    -More problematically, the animation editor appears strangely, with the tiled transparent background taking on an odd appearance and all the tool buttons appearing bunched together. In addition, I cannot do anything requiring a right click (such as adding a new animation) using the touch screen or the pen input. While it prepares to make the right click, nothing happens. This is likely to be the same on other tablets using Wacom digitizers. The only solution is to use the trackpad or an externally connected mouse to bring up right-click menus.

    These issues make Construct 2 somewhat impractical to use on the Surface Pro 2.

    Attach a Capx

    This is not project-related, therefore no CAPX is necessary.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Use Construct 2 on a Surface Pro 2 device. Probably also applies to any display using non-100% DPI scaling, or a tablet input with a Wacom digitizer.
    • Open the animation editor in a project.

    Observed Result

    Strange glitched appearance of animation editor (click here for screenshot). Right click menus do not function with pen input.

    Expected Result

    Animation editor should look the same as it does on other devices, though scaled up to match the screen DPI. Right click menus should work using the pen input.

    Affected Browsers


    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 8.1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Construct 2 r163 (64-bit)

  • I have the same problem with my dell venue 8 pro, the right click not working in touch screen mode, if I use a mouse, everything is fine.

    I think is the way that construct manage the mouse.

    windows 8.1

    release 173 64 bits

  • High-DPI support should be improved in r173. As for right clicking, isn't the gesture for that to press and hold? Construct 2 shows popup menus whenever Windows triggers a context menu event, so all I can think is Windows isn't triggering a context menu event for some reason. Perhaps you could ask Microsoft support what might be wrong with that?

  • On other apps you're able to hold the pen button and as soon as you touch the display with he pen tip, the right-click menu pops up. So far Construct 2 is the only app on my SP2 that does not behave the same way as the others.

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  • Had the same problem on my surface pro 3. No solution with touch input. But Iam able to bring up the right-click-menu with the pen.

    It does NOT work if you just tap and hold or simple select the object and press the second pen button for right click.

    It DOES work if you:

    1. Press the right-click-button on the pen AND hold it.

    2. Hover over the screen !Not! only the object you like to right click.

    3. Select the object you like to right click with the pen.

    4. Press Object with pen.

    5. Release right-click-button on the pen.

    6. Move-up pen

    7. Voila your menu.

    Yeah, you really have to get used to this. Don’t be to fast between step 4 and 5.

    Changing resolutions, deactivating scaling on high DPI and changing display scaling had no effect.

    I guess the problem lies somewhere between the display scaling and Step 2. If you ignore this step you will bring up the rename action.

  • Re. the text I suspect it's this - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2396756

  • There's too much work to get the right-click to work, and it's inconsistent at best. And I can never get it to work when trying to delete collision points. No mater how long you press and hold on a collision point, I can never get the right-click menu. I really hope there is a fix coming for this as it would make working on the SP so much quicker and easier.

  • Not sure if this was fixed yet, but I'm now experiencing this issue in C2 with my Cintiq. Right click works in all other applications.

  • Right click using my wacom pen & tablet doesn't work (in Windows 10) - it's working fine in all other apps...

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