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  • Problem Description

    When i added browser plugin to project, just add it ,ios devices cant load the project anymore. all i see is a black screen, not even the loading screen.

    this only affects html5 exported projects i didn't tested on mobile compiled versions. (intelxdk/phonegap)

    im using ipad4

    Edited: on R239 this doesn't happen.

    Attach a Capx

    ____ Capx ____

    hosted capx in html5 version

    Description of Capx

    only has the browser plugin added to project, and a text on layout 1 saying browser plugin added.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 - open any project/template
    • Step 2 - add browser plugin
    • Step 3 - export the project to html5
    • Step 4 - host the project somwhere on internet where is playable from any devices/scirra arcade/personal website
    • Step 5 - play the game using your ios devices/ipad4
    • Step 6 - you should see a blank/black screen.

    Observed Result

    black screen

    Expected Result

    load normally as on desktop or android

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: ( Probably)
    • FireFox: ( Probably)
    • Internet Explorer: ( Probably)
    • Safari: ( Yes)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    ipad4/ ios 9.3.3 (13G34)

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r 240

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  • The same is happening to me.

  • Same for me

    Doesn't work event when I add website to welcome page form Safari iOs

    Tested with LAN preview on iPad

  • Looks like this only affects iOS 9. Should be fixed in the next build.

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