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  • While making an application with construct 2, and trying to handle base64 strings I found some bugs/things that are going wrong, and I'm not sure what is causing this...

    Chrome gives errors, Firefox doesn't...

    So if people got Chrome, please try next steps and comment if you got same results or not.

    If other people please want to reproduce these steps:

    1. Download these 2 pics: 1.jpg & 2.jpg

    2. Go here and upload 1.jpg, copy the text in the texbox and

    3. Go to this page and paste the text from step 2 into the 1st textbox,

    press Inject Base64 String (1)

    As you can see, the image is only showing half of what it supposed to be...

    You can try it with image 2.jpg, that one will work.

    This bug? is only happening in Chrome for me, it has even more weird effects on some other images.

    I do think this is fully Chrome related, because Chrome can't even display some Base64 strings correctly, while Firefox does this perfect again.

    Test this by going to step 2 again, and press submit at the bottom of the page, this should show the full string. (not working with sample 1.jpg)

    Hope i've given enough details

    Ashley if you could take a look

  • I'm afraid unless you can provide a .capx that has no third party addons and demonstrates a bug, we can't support issues like this. Issues with third party addons should be reported to the developer of the addon.

  • the .capx is from this thread:

    It does uses the plugin though.

    But the C2 project seems to not fully paste the base64 string into the textfield. (only in chrome)

  • If it's just to do with pasting in to a text box, it should be possible to reproduce with no third party plugins. I'm afraid we have to request this to ensure it is not issues in third party code.

  • Tested it with normal textbox without plugins, Chrome allows only 59.278 character out of 124.841

    While Firefox lets them all through.


    String that i'm trying to copy/paste

    edit: it seems that Chrome's limit on strings/variables is 59.278 characters, since showing in php also doesn't work, only if i put it into a textbox or img tag.

    kinda impossible to import pictures larger then 58kb then i guess

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  • Wishy: in fact, the problem lies in the way Chrome handles base64 string. There's a buffer overrun somewhere. If you can use it like that in your application, you can inject an URL directly instead of using a base64 string, it works.

    I know the plugin is mine, but I can't change the way browser behave...

  • Oh lol, *facepalm*

    makes everything much easier now, I wonder why I didn't try that =)

    Thank you soo much Pode

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